Tatted Up: A Complete Guide to Shawn Mendes' Tattoos


Shawn Mendes is no stranger to tattoos, and he has already racked up a collection of three permanent designs. Each piece of super cool body art is not only very meaningful to the singer, but they are also insanely intricate. It seems as though he isn't stopping the collection anytime soon, so let us break down all his tattoos for you so that you can keep track of his growing collection.

The guitar tattoo

Shawn has a guitar design on his forearm. The guitar incorporates images of trees, a lake and the Toronto skyline (you know, because Shawn is from Canada and all). The most special aspect of this particular design though is the sounds waves from an audio clip of his parents saying, "I love you." TOO. CUTE.

"It was something I had been thinking about for over a year before I got it — because I really wanted to make sure my first tattoo was something I’d be happy with forever. It was really exciting getting it, actually, because I had thought about it for so long," Shawn explained in an interview.

The lightbulb tattoo

This piece of ink is actually visible in Shawn's "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" music video, which is low-key the way he debuted the design. No really, everyone was all, "Where'd that one come from?"

"I got it when I was in Oslo on tour; I really wanted something to remember this time of my life. It’s a lightbulb that has roots and a colored flower inside," he said.

The elephant tattoo

Shawn's latest finger tattoo wasn't something he got on his own – his mom has a matching one!

"I was trying to convince [my mom] to get a tattoo for a while, and this is kind of the only thing she would do because she's obsessed with elephants – and they're pretty cool animals actually if you read about them," Shawn told GQ. "So yeah, I was pretty pumped to have it."

Watch: Shawn Mendes Reveals His Elephant Tattoo


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