Taylor Swift Leaves a $500 Tip While She's Out to Eat!

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Taylor swift ed sheeran austin mahone huge tip


Taylor Swift went out to eat with her tourmates Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone, who recently announced his first-ever headlining tour, at Ralph's Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia last Friday and the restaurant couldn't have been happier to have the duo as their special guests — especially because of the huge tip that was left afterward!

According to the restaurant's Facebook page, their time with the three superstars was one of the best they've ever had, saying, "From her graciousness upon arrival for us staying open, to the extremely generous tip before leaving, she was a pleasure to have dine with us! Probably the biggest celebrity to visit Ralph's in recent memory!"

Taylor Swift Restaurant Tip

According to E! News, the head chef was especially excited to have Taylor there and even got two tickets to her concert the following night.

"I called my mom to tell her Swift was there, and she wanted me to take a picture because she is a big fan," the chef said. "My son has autism, and while I'm at work my mom and my son love to listen to her music. He loves her music!"

But that's not all — before leaving, Taylor's team left a huge $500 tip, which we're sure made everyone's mouths drop open!

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