The Hottest Instagram Pics of Jai and Luke Brooks


Ariana Grande is one lucky lady. Her boyfriend Jai Brooks is one of the cutest guys around -- and as fans of The Janoskians know, he has an equally hot twin brother, Luke Brooks!

To help the dreamy Aussies celebrate their 18th birthday today, we've rounded up some of our favorite Instagram pis of the Brooks twins. Let us know which brother is your fave in the comments!

More shots from the basketball court please!

Making their signature silly faces.

Enjoying some rare downtime on the road.

Selfie x 2 x 2!

Hanging out at Six Flags.

Did we mention that the twins have an older brother, Beau? Swoon!

We're loving the guys' school uniforms!

Snapped just before they turned 18!

Awww! Just look at those dimples!

Napping together, then vs. now. Is it possible that they've gotten even cuter?

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