This Just In: Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks Are Back Together


Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks met through Twitter, dated for a few months, and recently broke up this past February. But, now the couple is back together and showing their love through tweets and videos.

Jai Brooks confirmed that the relationship is back on with a video message dedicated to Ariana.

He also took on the role of supportive boyfriend by Tweeting: "Want my girlfriend to wake up really happy, so help me trend #TheWayMarch26 and I will follow you. :)"

Ariana Grande, not only got back with her boyfriend, but she has also been having so much fun promoting her new single. "On my way home. This past week on radio tour has been so incredible! Thanks to everybody who came out. :)," she Tweeted.

Check out the video message Jai sent Ariana here:

Are you happy Ariana and Jai are back together?

Photo courtesy of Twitter. Written by: Vivian Nunez

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