This Just In: Zac Efron's New Movie Roles


Ever since graduating from HSM's East High, fans have been wondering what Zac Efron's future in movies will be like. After passing on the lead in Footloose and sticking to indie flicks last year, news just broke that the hottie will be starring in two new movies!

Action is most definitely in Zac's future with an upcoming spy thriller, the film version of graphic novel Fire. In it, he will play a college student recruited by the CIA and trained to be a special agent. Details are still being worked out on his second flick, but it is said to be a combo of two ideas that will turn out to be a Back to The Future-like movie with director Nick Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall).

With these new roles and Zac's dramatic flick The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud coming out this year, it seems that the star is trying to play more serious characters -- what kind of movies do you want to see him in?

Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema

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