You Won't Believe Emma Watson's Kissing Horror Story!

Getty Images

Emma Watson's latest movie Noah hit theaters last weekend, and if you've seen it, you know there are a ton of epic kissing scenes between her and Douglas Booth. While their steamy make out sessions may look romantic and natural, according to Emma it was actually quite challenging.

"We had this one scene where we had to run at each other and fit into this perfect passionate kiss. We were fine for the first four and five takes but by the sixth we were just nutting each other," she said.

Emma was injured while trying to perfect the smooch. "My lip was bleeding, I think I hurt Doug's nose, we were exhausted. It was just not pretty at all," she said.

We can't say we've ever heard of someone's lips bleeding from kissing too much! Share your own kissing horror stories in the comments below!

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