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Austin mahone sundaes

LOL: 14 Things Austin's Been Doing Besides Work

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Camila Cries at Billboard Latin Awards

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GET THE DEETS: Austin's in Becky's Video

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BO$$: Camila Responds to Austin's Diss

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YIKES: Austin Disses Camila

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SEE THE TWEET: Becky Supports Austin

Becky g austin mahone almost kiss

#BECSTINISREAL: Becky Confirms Austin Rumors

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Austin & Becky Holding Hands!

Fifth harmony prom

5H Is Helping a Fan Ask Their Crush to Prom!

Austin mahone prom

Austin Mahone Is Taking a Fan to Prom!

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SEE THE PICS: Becky Misses Austin

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GET THE DEETS: Becky & Camila Aren't Fighting

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OMG: Fans Are Making Fun of Austin Mahone

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OMG: Becky & Austin Caught Kissing!

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SEE THE PIC: Austin's Mom Celebrates His B-Day

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SEE THE PICS: Austin Throws Yacht Party With Becky

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SEE THE PIC: Becky & Austin Get Cozy at B-Day

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LISTEN: Becky Releases "Lovin' So Hard"

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WATCH: Jake Releases "Dazed and Confused" Video