J-14 - Sitemap - 2013 - November - Page 1

Sitemap 2013 November - Page 1

  1. 10 Stars Who Struggle With Fame
  2. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  3. 14 Awesome Photos From Selena Gomez's Thanksgiving Day Performance
  4. 20 Photos of Celebrities Caught Holding Hands
  5. 45 Must-See Photos From the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  6. Your Fave Stars' First Ever Selfies
  7. 20 Things One Direction Does When They're Not On Tour!
  8. 10 Hilarious Photos of Celebs Photobombing Their Own Pics
  9. Lucy Hale Sings "Kiss Me" From Her Upcoming Album!
  10. Taylor Swift and Prince William Sing With Bon Jovi!
  11. One Direction Gets Pilgrim Makeovers for Thanksgiving
  12. Kendall Schmidt Is Getting a Documentary On His Solo Career!
  13. The Jonas Brothers Release 5 New Catchy Songs!
  14. Go Pick Up the New Issue of 'Yikes!'
  15. Taylor Swift's New Album Is Coming Sooner Than Fans Think!
  16. Louis Tomlinson Opens Up About Marrying Eleanor Calder!
  17. Justin Bieber Kisses a New Girl In His Preview of "All That Matters"!
  18. Amber Riley and Derek Hough Win 'Dancing With the Stars'!
  19. 14 Reasons We're Thankful for One Direction
  20. Find Out Why Liam Payne Would Hate to Be Harry Styles!
  21. 10 Songs Stars Wrote About Other Celebrities
  22. You Won't Believe Who Set Harry Styles Up With Kendall Jenner!
  23. Ariana Grande Gets In the Holiday Spirit With "Love Is Everything"
  24. See the Pics From One Direction's Crazy 'GMA' Performance!
  25. One Direction Announces Their 2014 Tour Dates!
  26. 8 Celeb Guys Who Have Admitted to Crushing on Selena Gomez
  27. Is Austin Mahone Trying to Steal Kendall Jenner From Harry Styles?
  28. 10 Shocking Facts About One Direction's New Album, 'Midnight Memories'
  29. Taylor Swift Gets Dissed by Miley Cyrus' Sister Brandi at the AMAs!
  30. Your Fave Stars Snap Selfies At the American Music Awards
  31. Miley Cyrus Gets Robbed On Her 21st Birthday!
  32. Zayn Malik Is Surprised By the Reaction to His Engagement!
  33. Niall Horan Exchanges Numbers With Tamera Foster From 'X-Factor UK'
  34. 10 Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Pics From the American Music Awards
  35. Was Taylor Swift Ignoring Harry Styles at the AMAs?
  36. Justin Bieber's "Roller Coaster" Has to Be About Selena Gomez!
  37. 14 Unforgettable Moments From the American Music Awards
  38. Kendall Jenner Reveals How She Feels About Harry Styles!
  39. 14 of the Most Romantic Celebs of All Time!
  40. 15 Epic Moments From 1D Day!
  41. Justin Bieber Releases Short Film For 'The Key'
  42. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  43. 21 Photos of Miley Cyrus and Her Best Friends Ever
  44. 20 Things Only One Direction Can Make Attractive
  45. Liam Payne Says the One Direction Guys Would Be Horrible Boyfriends!
  46. 10 Stars Who Were Almost Cast in Your Fave Movies
  47. Get an Inside Look at the Winter Premiere of 'Pretty Little Liars'!
  48. From Sweeran to Sarry: 10 Celeb Couples We Wish Were Real
  49. Find Out Why Louis Tomlinson Is the Best Boyfriend Ever!
  50. Is One Direction Making a Second Film? Get the Deets!
  51. Niall Horan Opens Up About Being Attacked By the Paparazzi
  52. One Direction Performs "Story of My Life" at 'The X-Factor'!
  53. Celebs Reveal Their Worst Dates of All Time
  54. Liam Hemsworth Feels Better Than Ever Since His Split With Miley Cyrus!
  55. Justin Bieber Celebrates His Little Brother's Birthday!
  56. 14 Throwback Photos That Will Blow Your Mind
  57. Demi Lovato Releases Music Video For "Neon Lights"!
  58. Alex & Sierra Perform One Direction's "Best Song Ever"!
  59. You'll Never Guess Why Jennifer Lawrence Went to the Hospital!
  60. Harry Styles Spotted On a Date With Kendall Jenner! See the Pics!
  61. Is Justin Bieber Showing His Breakup With Selena Gomez in 'Believe'?
  62. Characters You Had No Idea Were Played By the Same Actor
  63. Cody Simpson Releases "Please Come Home For Christmas"
  64. Are Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Getting Married?
  65. 10 Crazy Facts Revealed in Justin Bieber's 'Hollywood Reporter' Interview
  66. Cher Lloyd Secretly Gets Married to Craig Monk!
  67. 7 Reasons Why 1D Day Is Going to Be the Best Day Ever!
  68. One Direction Is Fuming Over Their 'Midnight Memories' Album Leak
  69. Katy Perry Releases Dramatic Music Video for "Unconditionally"
  70. Dove Cameron Spills on the Best Date She's Ever Been On!
  71. Can You Spot Cody Simpson In Alli's New Video?
  72. Selena Gomez Spills On Rumors, Lies and the Downside of Fame
  73. Ed Sheeran Performs Extended Version of "Give Me Love"
  74. Check Out These Cute Pics of One Direction at Their Book Signing!
  75. 14 Hilarious Photos of Selena Gomez With Her Fans
  76. 'Awkward' Adds More Episodes for a Super-Sized Fourth Season!
  77. Demi Lovato Releases Sneak Peek of "Neon Lights" Music Video
  78. Does Restless Road Miss Hanging Out With Sweet Suspense on 'The X-Factor'?
  79. Is Taylor Swift Buying a House in London to Be Closer to Harry Styles?
  80. Ariana Grande Releases New Holiday Song, "Last Christmas"
  81. 10 Most Shocking Celeb Encounters Ever
  82. 10 Most Epic Fictional Love Triangles of All Time
  83. Ariana Grande Covers Justin Bieber's Song, "Be Alright"
  84. You Won't Believe Why Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Became Friends!
  85. Find Out How Taylor Swift's Exes Reacted to Her Breakup Songs!
  86. 10 Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Pics From the Teen Nick Halo Awards
  87. Pia Mia Reveals What It Was Like to Perform for Kanye and Drake!
  88. Did Taylor Swift and Douglas Booth Go on a Date?
  89. One Direction Reveals What Romantic Things They Do For Their Girlfriends!
  90. Find Out Why Austin Mahone Feels Bad for His Fans!
  91. Justin Bieber Releases New Song, "Put You Down"
  92. Is Harry Styles Still Friends With His Exes?
  93. 14 Weird Celebrity Skills That Will Totally Shock You!
  94. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  95. 10 Hot Guys Who Used to Be Nerds
  96. Find Out Why Zayn Malik's Ex-Girlfriend Is Afraid to Talk to Him!
  97. Whose 'X-Factor' Performance Was Better: Selena Gomez vs. Fifth Harmony
  98. Check Out Justin Bieber's Trailer for 'Believe'!
  99. Justin Bieber and His Friends Do Funny Impressions of Each Other!
  100. Ariana Grande Defends Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber's Recent Behavior!
  101. Ed Sheeran Takes the Most Epic Stage Dive Ever!
  102. Katy Perry Releases Preview of New Music Video, "Unconditionally"
  103. 10 Hilarious Photos of Zendaya Towering Over Bella Thorne
  104. 6 Things You Didn't Know About Cody Simpson's Girlfriend, Gigi Hadid!
  105. Little Mix Show Off Their Full Dance Routine for "Move"
  106. Is One Direction Performing at Simon Cowell's Wedding?
  107. Justin Bieber Apologizes For Kicking Argentina's Flag
  108. The Most Epic Movie Romances of All Time
  109. Tyler Blackburn Says He Would Date Ashley Benson!
  110. Ariana Grande Says Distance Is Never an Issue With Nathan Sykes!
  111. 10 Celebrity Injuries That Will Totally Shock You
  112. You Won't Believe What Liam Hemsworth Said About Miley Cyrus!
  113. Cher Lloyd Plans On Pranking Demi Lovato on Tour!
  114. Harry Styles Goes to His Sister's Graduation! See Pics!
  115. Are Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Getting Married?
  116. Are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Dating Again?
  117. 10 Celeb Besties Who Ended Their Friendships
  118. Taylor Swift and Lorde Have Burgers at Shake Shack!
  119. 20 of the Most Hilarious Celeb Selfies Ever!
  120. Ariana Grande Releases Preview of "Last Christmas"
  121. Are Hanna and Caleb Reuniting on 'Ravenswood'? Get the Details!
  122. What If One Direction Had Thor's Hair?
  123. Does Simon Cowell Think One Direction Is a Nightmare to Work With?
  124. Miley Cyrus Performs Awesome Cover of "Summertime Sadness"
  125. Bella Thorne and Tristan Klier Dance to Miley Cyrus' New Song!
  126. Miley Cyrus Is Already Anxious About Her 'Bangerz' Tour!
  127. Justin Bieber and Lil Twist's Friendship Is Officially Over!
  128. Little Mix Covers Three Tracks in One, Including "Holy Grail"!
  129. 10 Hysterical Pics of Fans Meeting Their Fave Celebs
  130. Ariana Grande Explains Her Intense Connection With Nathan Sykes
  131. Ed Sheeran Calls a Truce Between The Wanted and One Direction!
  132. Busted: Harry Styles Is Caught Jamming Out to Miley Cyrus' Music!
  133. Check Out These Pics of Cody Simpson's Girlfriend!
  134. Justin Bieber Is Recovering From Food Poisoning
  135. Ariana Grande Gets Into a Fight With Her Hotel!
  136. Did Niall Horan's New Girlfriend Meet His Family?
  137. Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Decide on a Wedding Location!
  138. Justin Bieber Releases New Song, "All Bad"
  139. Zendaya and Bella Thorne Say Goodbye to 'Shake It Up'
  140. 10 Unlikely Celeb Friendships That Will Totally Shock You
  141. 10 Pics Stars Snapped of Themselves Watching TV
  142. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  143. 10 Celeb Couples We Wish Would Get Back Together
  144. Find Out What Your Fandom Reveals About You!
  145. R5 Talks About Splitting Up Like the Jonas Brothers
  146. A Timeline of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez's Rocky Friendship
  147. Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Kiss On Stage!
  148. Perrie Edwards Leaves a Romantic Note For Zayn Malik in Little Mix's Album!
  149. You'll Never Guess Who Gives Niall Horan Love Advice!
  150. The Most Unexpected Celebrity Kisses of All Time
  151. Taylor Swift Prepares to Perform for Royalty!
  152. Taylor Swift Thinks Her Fans Are the Best!
  153. Was Selena Gomez's Deleted Instagram Pic a Jab at Justin Bieber?
  154. 10 Totally Weird Things Stars Do On Their Days Off
  155. Is Justin Bieber's New Graffiti Hobby Illegal?
  156. Miley Cyrus Loved Harry Styles' Halloween Costume!
  157. Austin Mahone Talks About His Future With Selena Gomez!
  158. Hunter Hayes and Jason Mraz Release "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me"
  159. Perrie Edwards Cries While Watching "Story of My Life"!
  160. Zendaya Is Starring in the New Disney Pilot, 'Super Awesome Katy'!
  161. Does Justin Bieber Still Flirt With Ariana Grande?
  162. Demi Lovato Says She'll Collab With Fifth Harmony on Their Next Single!
  163. The Most Awkward Celeb Selfies of All Time
  164. 10 Celeb Secrets That Will Totally Shock You!
  165. Ariana Grande Reveals the Horrible Way Jai Brooks Broke Up With Her!
  166. Cher Lloyd Is Angry That Her Album Got Pushed Back!
  167. Demi Lovato Reveals What She's Looking for in a Boyfriend
  168. Ed Sheeran's New Music Video for "I See Fire"
  169. Justin Bieber Lashes Out at His Record Label!
  170. Selena Gomez Explains What Makes Her Different from Taylor Swift!
  171. Austin Mahone Debuts New Single, "Banga! Banga!"
  172. 10 Imaginary Text Conversations With One Direction
  173. Which Celeb Couple Takes the Best Selfies?
  174. Does Miley Cyrus Want Liam Hemsworth to Take Her Back?
  175. Lea Michele Dedicates a Song to Cory Monteith on Her Debut Album
  176. 10 Stars You Didn't Know Were Ariana Grande Fans
  177. Get a Sneak Peek at Little Mix's Upcoming Album, 'Salute'!
  178. Ed Sheeran Releases New Song, "I See Fire"
  179. Is Nathan Sykes Ariana Grande's First True Love?
  180. Austin Mahone Spills on Craving Burgers in the Hospital and Big Tour Changes!
  181. Demi Lovato Says People Need to Get Over Miley Cyrus' Past!
  182. Perrie Edwards Says Being With Zayn Malik Is Hard Because He's So Famous
  183. The Best On-Stage Selfies from 1D's 'Take Me Home' Tour
  184. Selena Gomez Is Performing at the Dallas Cowboys' Thanksgiving Game!
  185. Lea Michele Says How She's Handling Cory Monteith's Death
  186. 10 One Direction Moments We Want to Freeze in Time
  187. Selena Gomez Gives a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Her 'Stars Dance' Tour!
  188. Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder Reunited in Australia!
  189. Katy Perry Is Officially More Popular Than Justin Bieber!
  190. Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies Are Releasing a Christmas Duet!
  191. Austin Mahone Says His New Single "Banga! Banga!" Is Going to Be Huge!
  192. Selena Gomez Tries Being Rebellious After Split With Justin Bieber
  193. Are Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson Getting Back Together?
  194. Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage After Getting Hit By a Bottle!
  195. Justin Bieber Releases New Song, "Bad Day"
  196. One Direction Releases Music Video for "Story of My Life"
  197. 14 Hilarious Photos From One Direction's 'Take Me Home' Tour
  198. Ariana Grande Is Hosting the Backstage Action at the MTV EMAs!
  199. 20 Photos of Celebs Caught Sleeping
  200. Your Fave Celebs Grow Mustaches For "Movember"