J-14 - Sitemap - 2013 - December - Page 1

Sitemap 2013 December - Page 1

  1. 20 Celebs We've Watched Grow Up
  2. 50 Most Shocking Moments of 2013
  3. 10 Girls Who Would be Perfect for Ross Lynch
  4. Ariana Grande Relives Her First Date With Nathan Sykes
  5. Lea Michele’s Emotional New Song "Battlefield"
  6. See Pics From Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' Romantic Zoo Date!
  7. The Biggest Tearjerker Moments of 2013
  8. Celebs We Want to Kiss at Midnight on New Year's Eve!
  9. What Stars' New Year's Resolutions Should Be
  10. Louis Tomlinson Reveals His Future Plans With Eleanor Calder!
  11. The Most Shocking News Stories of 2013
  12. See Pics From Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato's Reunion!
  13. Find Out the Real Reason Selena Gomez Cancelled Her Tour
  14. Are Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Still Together?
  15. 18 Pics of Ross Lynch That Are Hotter Than Ever!
  16. The Biggest Powerhouse Couples of 2013
  17. Niall Horan Is Having Surgery Next Week!
  18. The Most Annoying Songs of 2013
  19. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  20. The Best Instagram Photos of 2013
  21. Find Out How Your Fave Celebrity Couples First Met!
  22. 10 TV Stars We Hope Make a Comeback in 2014
  23. Is Taylor Swift Sucking Up to Lorde?
  24. Demi Lovato Spills Deets on Her Collab With Fifth Harmony
  25. Is Miley Cyrus Dating Kellan Lutz?
  26. See Pics of Liam Payne's Christmas With His Girlfriend!
  27. 20 Ways Your Fave Celebs Celebrated Christmas!
  28. Is Kendall Jenner Using Harry Styles?
  29. Justin Bieber Reveals His Retirement Plans
  30. 25 Pics of Celebs Who Were Awkward Teenagers!
  31. Which Celeb Couple Do You Most Wish Was Real?
  32. 10 Things Celebs Regret Tweeting!
  33. 20 Photos of Celebs Caught Texting
  34. 22 GIFs of Louis Tomlinson Reacting to Being the Oldest Member of 1D
  35. Celeb Couples' Most Romantic Gifts of All Time
  36. 10 Things We Seriously Miss About the Old Justin Bieber
  37. Guess Who Beat Miley Cyrus for Entertainer of the Year!
  38. One Direction Set to Break Another World Record!
  39. Did Liam Payne Crash Niall Horan's Latest Date With Barbara Palvin?
  40. Is Selena Gomez Moving On With Justin Bieber's Friend?
  41. Justin Bieber Releases 5 New 'Journals' Songs!
  42. Find Out What Your Fave Celebs Want For Christmas!
  43. Stars Doing Hilarious Impersonations of Other Celebs
  44. Is Kendall Jenner Going to Break Harry Styles' Heart?
  45. Celeb Couples' Most Romantic Moments
  46. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  47. Louis Tomlinson's Sister Says Niall Horan Is Dating Barbara Palvin
  48. See How Your Fave Stars Eat When No One's Watching!
  49. 10 Totally Awesome Celebrity Holiday Cards
  50. Go Behind-the-Scenes of 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters'
  51. Find Out How Justin Bieber Surprised Kids for Christmas
  52. 20 Photos That Prove Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Are Meant to Last
  53. One Direction Sends a Message to an Injured Fan
  54. Find Out Alex & Sierra's Plans After Winning 'X Factor'
  55. Is Kylie Jenner Going After Justin Bieber?
  56. Did Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Really Break Up?
  57. Selena Gomez Cancels Her Australian Tour
  58. 10 Most Dramatic Fandom Moments of 2013
  59. Find Out Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' Christmas Plans!
  60. 10 Hilarious Pics of Santa Photobombing Celebrities
  61. Austin Mahone Takes You Behind-the-Scenes of 'Banga! Banga!'
  62. 10 Must-See Pics of Justin Bieber From His 'Believe' Movie Premiere
  63. Check Out the Poster For 'The Fault In Our Stars'
  64. Cody Simpson Sings "Pretty Brown Eyes" Acoustically!
  65. Ariana Grande Gives Her Fans a Surprise!
  66. Miley Cyrus Announces Her New Single!
  67. Justin Bieber Defends His Friends On Instagram!
  68. Does Scooter Braun want Justin Bieber to Take a Break?
  69. Join Justin Bieber on the Red Carpet for 'Believe'!
  70. 14 Most Scandalous Photos of 2013
  71. Justin Bieber Reveals He Still Loves Selena Gomez!
  72. Check Out Bella Thorne in 'Blended'!
  73. 10 Stars We Hope Never Retire From Music
  74. One Direction Sings Songs For Sick Kids!
  75. Check Out Pics From Justin Bieber's New Music Video!
  76. Demi Lovato Is Leaving 'The X Factor'!
  77. Does Selena Gomez Want to Move Next Door to Justin Bieber?
  78. Little Mix Releases Emotional Music Video For "Little Me"
  79. Is Justin Bieber Really Retiring From Music?
  80. 10 Celebs Who Might Secretly Be Christmas Elves
  81. 10 Holiday Cards From Your Fave Celebrity Couples
  82. 10 Hot Guys' Clumsiest Moments Ever
  83. Find Out Why Demi Lovato Hates Being Too Close to Fans!
  84. Selena Gomez Says No One Knows Her Better Than Demi Lovato
  85. Justin Bieber Previews Three New Tracks Off 'Journals'
  86. Is Ariana Grande Quitting Acting and Singing Full-Time?
  87. Is Harry Styles Going to the Kardashian's Christmas?
  88. Does Kendall Jenner Remind Harry Styles of His Ex?
  89. 10 Totally Shocking Celebrity Bestie Face Morphs
  90. Miley Cyrus Was Scared Of Being Alone After Splitting With Liam Hemsworth!
  91. 10 Celebrities Who Should Be on Santa's Naughty List
  92. Lorde Announces Her US Tour Dates!
  93. Justin Bieber Talks About Being In Love!
  94. Miley Cyrus' Family Has a Reality Show on YouTube!
  95. The Most Scandalous Rumored Relationships Of All Time
  96. Did a Fan Catch Demi Lovato Dissing Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande?
  97. Miley Cyrus Reveals the Truth About Dating Austin Mahone!
  98. Kendall Jenner Visits Harry Styles in London!
  99. Niall Horan and Barbara Palvin Are Caught Holding Hands!
  100. Celebs Pucker Up Under J-14's Mistletoe at Jingle Ball!
  101. Hilarious Gifts Celebs Are Getting Their BFFs For Christmas
  102. 14 Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Photos From Z100's Jingle Ball
  103. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  104. You'll Never Guess Who Taylor Swift Spent Her Birthday With
  105. One Direction's Most Memorable Moments
  106. Carlos Pena's Fiancée Was In a Car Accident!
  107. The Most Famous 'X Factor' Losers
  108. Find Out Which Celeb's Face Is On Little Mix's Wall!
  109. 24 Photos of Taylor Swift and Her Best Friends Ever
  110. Instagram Announces the Most Liked Pic of 2013!
  111. Find Out What Restless Road Is Doing After Leaving 'X Factor'
  112. Check Out Justin Bieber's Cover Art and Tracklist For 'Journals'
  113. Zayn Malik Already Opened His Christmas Gifts From Perrie Edwards!
  114. See What One Direction Does When They're Back Home!
  115. Find Out Which Celeb Colton from Restless Road Wants to Date!
  116. Disney Channel Stars: Where Are They Now?
  117. 10 Stars Doing Hilarious Impersonations of Other Celebs
  118. Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario Are Angry With 'Pretty Little Liars'!
  119. You'll Never Guess What Made Selena Gomez Cry!
  120. Is Harry Styles Really Planning On Going Solo?
  121. Lea Michele Says Cory Monteith Loved Her Album, 'Louder'
  122. Your Fave Musicians In Crazy Superhero Costumes!
  123. 10 Printable One Direction Coloring Pages
  124. Miranda Cosgrove Is Releasing New Music!
  125. Find Out How Selena Gomez Helped Demi Lovato Through Tough Times!
  126. 10 Amazing GIFs From Austin Mahone's "Banga! Banga!" Music Video
  127. Find Out Who Alex & Sierra Would Hate to See Leave 'X Factor'
  128. Win Sweet Prizes For One Direction's Global Viewing Party!
  129. Austin Mahone Releases His Music Video For "Banga! Banga!"
  130. Jai Brooks Reveals the Most Romantic Thing He Did For Ariana Grande!
  131. Would Austin Mahone and Miley Cyrus Make a Cute Couple?
  132. The Best Celebrity Instagram Pics of the Year
  133. Find Out Why Selena Gomez Swore On Stage!
  134. 12 Celebs Who Should Insure Their Body Parts
  135. 10 Pics of Celebs Goofing Off With Their Wax Figures!
  136. Justin Bieber Visits the Typhoon Victims in the Philippines!
  137. Victoria Justice Breaks Up With Ryan Rottman For a New Guy!
  138. Check Out Lea Michele's New Single, "Cannonball"
  139. Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies Release "Santa Baby"!
  140. Miley Cyrus Is MTV's Best Artist of 2013!
  141. 10 Dream Double Dates That Should Totally Happen!
  142. The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran Is Engaged!
  143. Justin Bieber Is Finally Releasing His 'Journals'!
  144. Union J Play In the Rain During "Loving You Is Easy"
  145. Justin Bieber Talks About the Mistakes He's Made!
  146. Did Emblem3 Write “Chloe" About the Kardashians?
  147. Lea Michele Releases Tracklist for 'Louder'
  148. Justin Bieber Is "Confident" With His Last "Music Mondays" Release!
  149. 10 Pics From the Last Day of Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Tour
  150. Did Ariana Grande Diss Selena Gomez On Stage?
  151. Harry Styles Has Breakfast With Kendall Jenner in NYC!
  152. 10 Must-See Moments From One Direction on 'Saturday Night Live'
  153. 10 Photos of Hot Guys Making Kissy Faces
  154. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  155. 12 Hilarious Ways Celebs Are Getting In the Holiday Spirit
  156. Comment On Our New J-14 Cover!
  157. 2013 Winners Announced!
  158. Is Demi Lovato Really Angry With Joe Jonas?
  159. Is Ariana Grande Canceling Her Upcoming Shows?
  160. 10 Things Wesley Stromberg Can't Do Now That He's 20!
  161. Should Harry Styles Date Kendall Jenner?
  162. Is Selena Gomez Making Fun of Justin Bieber?
  163. Demi Lovato Is Left Alone After 'X-Factor' Eliminations
  164. Emblem3 Announce First-Ever Headlining Tour!
  165. One Direction Makes Paul Rudd Faint in Their 'Saturday Night Live' Promo!
  166. Justin Bieber Gives a Fan the Best Surprise Ever!
  167. J-14's Top 10 Music Videos of the Year
  168. Watch the Intense Trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'!
  169. 10 Things Niall Horan and Katy Perry Would Have Talked About At Dinner
  170. Restless Road Makes Demi Lovato Cry on 'The X-Factor'
  171. Harry Styles' Mom Reveals Who He's Dating!
  172. Justin Bieber's Music Video Girl Says He Still Misses Selena Gomez!
  173. Are Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner Fighting Over Harry Styles?
  174. 14 More Hilarious Photos of Celebs' Stage Faces
  175. Is Kendall Jenner Falling for Harry Styles After Their Second Date?
  176. Jennette McCurdy Performs an Emotional Cover of 1D's "Story of My Life"
  177. Get Ready for an Epic Reunion On the 100th Episode of 'Glee'!
  178. One Direction's Hottest Pics of All Time
  179. Find Out How Taylor Swift Is Helping Ed Sheeran On His Next Album!
  180. You Won't Believe What Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding Text About!
  181. You Won't Believe Why Justin Bieber Is Afraid to Sleep Alone!
  182. Harry Styles' Secret to Getting Girls Is Revealed!
  183. Justin Bieber Is Named the Most Annoying Person of the Year!
  184. One Direction Makes History With 'Midnight Memories'!
  185. Get the Scoop On Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner's Date!
  186. Zendaya Says She Won't Make the Same Mistakes as Joe Jonas
  187. 10 Amazing Pics of Harry Styles and His Sister Gemma
  188. Why So Serious? One Direction Spills On Their Most Mature Bandmate!
  189. Check Out the Intense Trailer for Season 3B of 'Teen Wolf'!
  190. Trioan Bellisario Gives a Major 'Pretty Little Liars' Spoiler!
  191. Ariana Grande Makes It "Snow in California" With Her New Holiday Hit!
  192. Niall Horan's Mom Spills Details On His Love Life!
  193. Dylan Sprouse Fires Back at Joe Jonas' View On Disney!
  194. Justin Bieber Releases Steamy Music Vid For "All That Matters"
  195. 10 Former Couples Who Were Caught Hanging Out!
  196. Did Selena Gomez Diss Justin Bieber's New Girls?
  197. One Direction Releases Exclusive Clip From Their 'This Is Us' DVD!
  198. You've Gotta Hear Jennette McCurdy Sing "Wrecking Ball"!
  199. Your Fave Couples' First Ever Red Carpet Photos Together
  200. Austin Mahone Reveals His Date Plans With Kendall Jenner!