J-14 - Sitemap - 2014 - February - Page 1

Sitemap 2014 February - Page 1

  1. 10 Stories You Couldn't Stop Clicking On This Week
  2. 10 Stars' Flirting Secrets Revealed!
  3. Miley Cyrus Totally Disses Liam Hemsworth On Stage!
  4. 10 Hilarious Photos of Celebrities Towering Over Baby Justin Bieber
  5. Is Taylor Swift Back in the Studio?
  6. Is Kendall Jenner Sending Secret Messages to Harry Styles?
  7. Ariana Grande Heats Things Up With Another Artist!
  8. 10 Girls Harry Styles Has Admitted to Crushing On
  9. Louis Tomlinson Says Harry Styles Is a Good Boyfriend
  10. 14 Pics That Prove Your Favorite Stars Are All Connected!
  11. Is Selena Gomez Only Dating Niall Horan to Get Back at Justin Bieber?
  12. Lea Michele Releases Emotional Song About Cory Monteith, "If You Say So"
  13. 10 of Justin Bieber's Greatest Moments Ever
  14. Is Harry Styles Ignoring Kendall Jenner's Calls?
  15. 10 Celebrities Caught Being Super Flirty Online
  16. Miley Cyrus Bursts Into Tears During 'Bangerz' Tour Concert
  17. Is Ariana Grande Writing Songs About Her Exes?
  18. Get the Details On Niall Horan and Selena Gomez's Dinner Date!
  19. Check Out the 2014 Radio Disney Music Award Nominees!
  20. See Pics From Louis Tomlinson's First Football Match
  21. Did Katy Perry and John Mayer Really Break Up?
  22. 14 Celebrities Who Desperately Need Fandom Names
  23. What Were Zayn Malik's Bizarre Tweets Really About?
  24. See Which of Your Fave 'iCarly' Stars Will Be on 'Sam & Cat'!
  25. Guess Which Star Austin Mahone Was Hanging Out With Again!
  26. Bailee Madison Will Guest Star On Season 2 of 'The Fosters'
  27. Shailene Woodley Reveals 'Divergent' Star Theo James Is a Great Kisser!
  28. 10 Things That Would Seriously Ruin Justin Bieber's Birthday
  29. 10 "Literally Ridiculous" Things We Expect From One Direction's 'Where We Are' Tour
  30. Is Jennifer Lawrence Taking a Break From Acting?
  31. Is Nathan Sykes the Reason The Wanted Broke Up?
  32. Find Out Why Selena Gomez Isn't Invited to Justin Bieber's Birthday Party!
  33. Is Kendall Jenner Crushed After Her Breakup With Harry Styles?
  34. Find Out How Selena Gomez Really Feels About Niall Horan!
  35. 10 On-Stage Moments That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!
  36. Taylor Swift and Lorde Go Shopping — Will Selena Gomez Be Jealous?
  37. 10 Girls Who Would Be Perfect for Niall Horan
  38. 2014 Kids' Choice Awards Nominations Revealed!
  39. 10 Adorable Moments in Justin Bieber's Record-Breaking "Baby" Video
  40. Haters Protest Justin Bieber's Rumored Move to Atlanta
  41. Are Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Officially Over?
  42. The Truth About the Latest One Direction Breakup Rumors
  43. Justin Bieber Stands Up to Haters in "Broken"
  44. The Craziest Celebrity Selfies of All Time
  45. 10 Signs Selena Gomez Is Doing Better
  46. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  47. You Won't Believe Who Your Favorite Stars Look Up To!
  48. 10 Jaw-Dropping Flashback Photos of Your Favorite Celebrity Best Friends
  49. Shailene Woodley Stands Up to the System in New 'Divergent' Clip
  50. 10 Times Niall Horan Nearly Gave Us a Heart Attack
  51. Is Kendall Jenner Moving Out on Her Own?
  52. Harry Styles Has 19 Unreleased Songs — See the List!
  53. Trevor Jackson Releases Music Video for "One Girl"
  54. Did Harry Styles Fly to LA to Visit Kendall Jenner?
  55. Ariana Grande Responds to Perez Hilton's Diss!
  56. 10 Reactions to Seeing Niall Horan With Crutches
  57. Debby Ryan Gets Ready to Release Debut Album, 'One'
  58. Katy Perry Is an Egyptian Princess in "Dark Horse"
  59. 10 Photos of Lorde Looking Seriously Scary
  60. Demi Lovato Is Caught Hanging With Liam Hemsworth's Latest Ex!
  61. Barbara Palvin Comes Clean About Dating Niall Horan!
  62. Is Justin Bieber Finally Turning His Life Around?
  63. Are Selena Gomez's Besties Plotting Revenge Against Miley Cyrus?
  64. Meet the Olympic Star Taylor Swift Has Her Eye On
  65. Find Out Why Harry Styles Almost Missed His Acceptance Speech
  66. Does Lorde Want to Record a Song With Taylor Swift?
  67. 21 Mind-Blowing Flashback Photos of Victoria Justice
  68. One Direction Disses Justin Bieber at the BRIT Awards
  69. Get an Inside Look at One Direction at the BRIT Awards!
  70. Find Out Why Ariana Grande Was Called "Shameful"
  71. 10 Stars' Sneakiest Selfies Ever!
  72. 10 Things We Wish We Didn't Know About Our Fave Celebs
  73. You'll Never Guess Who Set Up Selena Gomez and Niall Horan!
  74. The Most Hilarious Harry Styles Impersonation Ever
  75. Are Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson Mocking Justin Bieber?
  76. Harry Styles Wants Kendall Jenner to Meet His Family!
  77. Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Engaged? See the Ring!
  78. 10 Hilarious Photo Reactions to Tonight's 'Pretty Little Liars'
  79. Harry Styles Saves a Fan From Getting Trampled!
  80. 10 Reasons Niall Horan Would Be a Better Boyfriend Than Justin Bieber
  81. 'Ravenswood' Is Cancelled After One Season
  82. Is Harry Styles Going to Be a Movie Star?
  83. Find Out How Taylor Swift's Ex Ruined Her Birthday!
  84. The Hottest Stars at the 2014 Winter Olympics
  85. Is Little Mix Going on Tour With One Direction?
  86. Sara Alina
  87. Did Harry Styles Really Ditch Kendall Jenner?
  88. Selena Gomez and Niall Horan Were Spotted Hanging Out!
  89. 10 Totally Lame Pick-Up Lines Celebs Have Used
  90. Austin Mahone Serenades Fans in New "U" Music Video
  91. 18 Super Mushy Pics of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards
  92. Find Out How Your Favorite Celebrities Celebrated Valentine's Day
  93. 14 Photos of Stars Caught Pigging Out
  94. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  95. 50 Most Iconic Couples of All Time
  96. Celebs You Totally Didn't Realize Dated the Same Guy
  97. What Do You Think of J-14's New March Cover?
  98. The 50 Cutest Couple Photos of All Time
  99. Will Zendaya Be Featured on Bella Thorne's Debut Album?
  100. 10 Celeb Couples With Major Height Differences
  101. Zayn Malik Gets Attacked While Visiting Perrie Edwards
  102. Stars Who Have the Same Celeb Crush!
  103. Demi Lovato Dodges Jonas Brother Question
  104. Did Niall Horan and Barbara Palvin Break Up?
  105. 20 Single Stars Who Should Pair Up For Valentine's Day
  106. 10 Stars Caught Staring At Other Celebrities
  107. Katy Perry Releases Teaser For "Dark Horse" Music Video
  108. Miley Cyrus Says She Wants a Virtual Boyfriend
  109. The Stars You Most Want to Spend Valentine's Day With
  110. Is One Direction Getting Their Own TV Show?
  111. Is Miley Cyrus Hurt by Liam Hemsworth's New Relationship?
  112. Find Out How the One Direction Guys Feel About Love!
  113. Justin Bieber's Mom Is Concerned About His Behavior
  114. Which Hot Musician Would Make the Best Boyfriend?
  115. 14 Ways We Wish One Direction Would Profess Their Love For Us
  116. Guess Which 'Glee' Star Demi Lovato Performed With Last Night!
  117. 10 Ways Single Celebs Are Spending Valentine's Day
  118. Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding Perform Together
  119. Lucy Hale Announces Her Album Title
  120. Find Out the Shocking Reason Why Justin Bieber's Wax Figure Was Removed
  121. Louis Tomlinson Received Some "Big" News!
  122. Did Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Hang Out Last Night?
  123. 8 Awesome Celebrity Valentine's Day Cards For You to Share With Your Friends
  124. Victoria Justice's 'Eye Candy' Show Is Picked Up By MTV!
  125. Is Miley Cyrus Going to Prom?
  126. 10 Shocking Tweets From Niall Horan's Twitter Feud!
  127. Get All the Deets on MKTO's Debut Album!
  128. You Won't Believe What Cody Simpson Did For His Girlfriend!
  129. Taylor Swift Started Writing Songs to Get Noticed By Guys!
  130. Selena Gomez Breaks Her Silence After Rehab
  131. Are the One Direction Guys Appearing on 'Glee'?
  132. 10 Romantic Celebrity Dates That Never Actually Happened
  133. Does Kristen Stewart Regret Hurting Robert Pattison?
  134. 10 Photos That Were Totally Ruined By Your Favorite Stars
  135. Is Austin Mahone Judging Justin Bieber For Getting Arrested?
  136. 14 Hilarious Stage Faces From Opening Night of the 'Neon Lights' Tour
  137. Lea Michele Releases Cory's Tribute Song, "You're Mine"
  138. Perrie Edwards Is Making Zayn Malik Help Plan Their Wedding!
  139. One Direction Risks Their Lives on a 200-Foot Tall Bridge!
  140. You Won't Believe Which Guy Left Restless Road!
  141. Does Liam Hemsworth Have a Thing For Nina Dobrev?
  142. Did Justin Bieber Change His Name to Kick Off His Rap Career?
  143. 10 Stars Reveal Their Dating Horror Stories!
  144. 16 Pics That Make Us Miss Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
  145. Which Celebrities' Faces Are Morphed Together?
  146. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  147. Which One Direction Guy Is the Most Romantic?
  148. 10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Could Sing
  149. 10 Hilarious GIFs of One Direction Making 'Midnight Memories'
  150. 'Pitch Perfect 2' Is Actually Happening!
  151. Ed Sheeran Teases a Brand New Song!
  152. Demi Lovato Refuses to Talk About Selena Gomez's Rehab Stay
  153. Find Out How Selena Gomez Feels About Justin Bieber's New Girl
  154. Zayn Malik's Gift to Perrie Edwards Makes Her Cry!
  155. The Truth Behind 10 Shocking Celebrity BFF Rumors
  156. 10 Celebs Who Have a Thing For Bad Boys
  157. James Maslow Is Dating a Reality TV Star!
  158. Find Out How One Direction Is Spending Their Time Off!
  159. Miley Cyrus Says She's Banning Boys From Her Life!
  160. Demi Lovato Sends Her Support to Selena Gomez
  161. 14 Reasons We Refuse to Believe Ezra Fitz Is A
  162. Find Out How Niall Horan Is Trying to Conquer His Biggest Fear
  163. Liam Payne Gives His Girlfriend an Early Birthday Present
  164. Did Selena Gomez Leave Rehab Early?
  165. Is Harry Styles In a Secret Relationship With a Fan?
  166. 10 Celebrities Who Could Totally Be Twins!
  167. 10 Celebrities Who Hate Having Their Picture Taken
  168. Selena Gomez Is Back to Herself After Rehab
  169. Miley Cyrus Hates When Guys Try to Impress Her!
  170. 10 Celebrity Instagram Posts That Will Make You Swoon
  171. Zoey Deutch Spills On Her Embarrassing 'Vampire Academy' Moment!
  172. Cody Simpson Releases Music Video for "Love"
  173. Did Kendall Jenner Ask Harry Styles to Be Her Date for Kim's Wedding?
  174. Did Justin Bieber Take Chantel Jeffries Ice Skating?
  175. Find Out Why Kylie Jenner Was Rushed to the Hospital!
  176. Did Selena Gomez Really Go to Rehab?
  177. Demi Lovato Releases Teaser for 'Neon Lights' Tour!
  178. Find Out Why Nick Jonas Is Going On Demi Lovato's Tour!
  179. Is One Direction Opening Up a Chain of Coffee Shops?
  180. 10 Stars Who Prefer the Single Life
  181. Perrie Edwards Reveals Her Fave One Direction Song!
  182. Cory Monteith's Band Releases One of His Last Songs
  183. 14 Things You Don't Know About Little Mix
  184. Katy Perry Beats Justin Bieber to 50 Million Twitter Followers!
  185. Did Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber FaceTime About His Recent Arrests?
  186. Is Taylor Swift Lying About Loving the Single Life?
  187. Check Out the New Trailer for 'Divergent'!
  188. Justin Bieber Defends His Fans After Getting Mobbed
  189. Zayn Malik Spills How to Steal Your Crush's Heart!
  190. Harry Styles' Cousin Reveals How Girls Break His Heart
  191. Find Out Why Directioners Are Mad About Zayn Malik!
  192. Is Selena Gomez Completely Over Justin Bieber?
  193. Were These Couples Doomed From the Start?
  194. 32 Adorb Pics of Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder
  195. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  196. 10 Ways Most Girls Would React If Harry Styles Knew Their Name
  197. 10 Hilarious GIFs of Harry Styles Smelling Things
  198. 12 Shirtless Pics of Harry Styles at the Beach!
  199. A Hairy Situation: 8 Things Harry Styles' Curly Locks Smell Like!
  200. 20 Reasons Why Harry Styles Should Become a Model!