J-14 - Sitemap - 2014 - March - Page 1

Sitemap 2014 March - Page 1

  1. Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice Reunite: A Timeline of Their Rocky Friendship
  2. 10 Times Selena Gomez Burst Into Tears in Public
  3. Zayn Malik Death Hoax Takes Over Twitter
  4. Zendaya and Her Friends Perform "Safe and Sound" Using Coca-Cola Bottles!
  5. 10 Stars' Most Humiliating Red Carpet Moments Ever
  6. Harry Styles Gets Career Advice About Going Solo
  7. Justin Bieber Gets Booed at the Juno Awards!
  8. Cody Simpson Finally Met His Celeb Crush!
  9. Are Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards Moving in Together?
  10. 12 Behind-the-Scenes Pics From the Kids' Choice Awards
  11. Is Jennette McCurdy in a Feud With Ariana Grande?
  12. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  13. 10 Stories You Couldn't Stop Clicking On This Week
  14. 10 Incredibly Hilarious Fan Selfies Snapped With Your Fave Celebs
  15. You Won't Believe Which Star Was Named "Biggest Celebrity Player"
  16. Carlos PenaVega Is Hosting a New Game Show!
  17. Selena Gomez Gets Dragged Into Justin Bieber's Legal Problems
  18. Lorde's Boyfriend Reveals What It's Like to Date the Star
  19. Perrie Edwards Reveals the Best Part of Being Engaged to Zayn Malik!
  20. 20 Photos of Celebs Caught Snapping Selfies!
  21. See What Harry Styles Does When He Gets Pranked!
  22. Are the One Direction Guys Afraid of Their Fans?
  23. Find Out Why Zac Efron Got Punched in the Face!
  24. Selena Gomez Proves She's Stronger Than Before
  25. Harry Styles Parties With His Ex-Girlfriend
  26. Did Liam Payne Go to Jail? See the Pic!
  27. Is Harry Styles Rekindling His Romance With His Crush?
  28. Harry Styles and Liam Payne Attend Lou Teasdale's Book Launch Party
  29. 10 Hilarious GIFs of Bromances We Can't Get Enough Of
  30. Say Goodbye to 'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Specials
  31. Does Austin Mahone Want to Become an Actor?
  32. Demi Lovato Gets Into a Heated Twitter Feud
  33. Niall Horan Meets the Queen of England
  34. 10 Stars Who Need to Take a Break From Hollywood
  35. Did Taylor Swift's Team Tell Her to Stop Dating?
  36. Ariana Grande Teases Her New Single, "They Don't Understand"
  37. Does Kendall Schmidt Want Selena Gomez to Date Justin Bieber or Niall Horan?
  38. Is Miley Cyrus Lonely After Her Split With Liam Hemsworth?
  39. Are Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks Sending Each Other Sneaky Messages?
  40. Is a New One Direction Music Video On the Way?
  41. Did Selena Gomez Help Kendall Jenner Get Over Harry Styles?
  42. 10 Insanely Awesome Pics of Celeb Couples We Wish Were Real
  43. Are Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks Hanging Out Again?
  44. Find Out Why Ariana Grande Is In Major Pain Today!
  45. See What Austin Mahone Said About Camila Cabello!
  46. Liam Payne Responds to His Fans' Major Diss!
  47. 14 Pics of Olivia Holt & Luke Benward That Will Make You Melt!
  48. 10 Stars Who Waited Until High School For Their First Kiss
  49. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  50. You'll Never Guess Who Selena Gomez Had Lunch With!
  51. Kylie Jenner Goes on an Explosive Twitter Rant
  52. 10 Stories You Couldn't Stop Clicking On This Week
  53. Get a Sneak Peek of J-14's April Issue!
  54. The Weirdest Things Shailene Woodley Has Ever Said
  55. Demi Lovato Flips Out When She's Asked About Selena Gomez's Rehab Stay!
  56. Is Justin Bieber Buying a House for Him and Selena Gomez?
  57. Find Out What Zendaya Thinks of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus' Behavior!
  58. 'Sonny With a Chance' Stars: Where Are They Now?
  59. Is Austin Mahone Trying to Win Camila Cabello's Heart?
  60. Are Justin Bieber's New Songs About Selena Gomez?
  61. Is Selena Gomez Trying to Make Justin Bieber Jealous?
  62. Is Justin Bieber Planning to Make a Huge Comeback?
  63. One Direction Learns Japanese in the Most Hilarious Interview Ever
  64. Are Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato in a Serious Fight?
  65. Celebs' Most Romantic Photobooth Moments
  66. 'Zoey 101' Star Jamie Lynn Spears Ties the Knot!
  67. Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Going on Tour Together?
  68. Is Cody Simpson's Girlfriend Threatened By His 'Dancing With the Stars' Coach?
  69. Is Ezra Really Dead? 'Pretty Little Liars' Executive Producer Reveals All
  70. Are Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder Fighting?
  71. 10 Jaw-Dropping Moments From the Season Finale of 'Pretty Little Liars'
  72. You Won't Believe What Lorde's Deleted Tweet Says!
  73. Will Justin Bieber Have to Answer Questions About Selena Gomez in Court?
  74. 10 Celebrity Comparisons That Have Made Stars Furious
  75. 15 of Harry Styles' Most Epic Twitter Icons
  76. Check Out Cody Simpson's New Song, "Surfboard"
  77. 25 Photos That Will Give You Serious 'Glee' Nostalgia
  78. The One Direction Guys Are Back Together Again!
  79. Does Cody Simpson Have a Thing For His 'Dancing With the Stars' Coach?
  80. Miley Cyrus' Tour Bus Goes Up in Flames!
  81. Find Out Why Ariana Grande & Chris Brown's Duet Is Delayed!
  82. Miley Cyrus Has a 'Hannah Montana' Reunion During 'Bangerz' Tour
  83. Cody Simpson's Girlfriend Is Rooting For Him Tonight on 'Dancing With the Stars'
  84. Drake and Rihanna Finally Made Their Relationship Official!
  85. Find Out Why Karlie Kloss Thinks Taylor Swift Is Perfect!
  86. 10 Reasons Niall Horan Is Our Favorite Irishman
  87. Are Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Still Fighting?
  88. Did Harry Styles Buy a Mansion Near Kendall Jenner?
  89. Celebrities React to Terrifying Los Angeles Earthquake
  90. Get the Deets on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Duet!
  91. 26 Pics That Will Make You Miss Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer
  92. 10 Celebrities' Most Shocking Girl Crushes
  93. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  94. 8 Times Celebrities Have Admirably Defended Their Fans
  95. 10 Stories You Couldn't Stop Clicking On This Week
  96. You Won't Believe Who Made Perrie Edwards Cry!
  97. Watch Noah From HitStreak's Amazing New "Miami To L.A." Music Video
  98. 10 Hilarious Photos of Harry Styles Perfecting His Duck Face
  99. Cher Lloyd Debuts Brand New Single, "Sirens"
  100. See the Controversial Pic That Got Harry Styles In Trouble
  101. Is Justin Bieber Going to Break Selena Gomez's Heart Again?
  102. Find Out Why Emma Watson Is Jealous of Stars Like Jennifer Lawrence
  103. 'Hannah Montana' Stars: Where Are They Now?
  104. Are Hanna and Caleb Getting Back Together on 'Pretty Little Liars'?
  105. Is Taylor Swift Jealous of Jelena's Relationship?
  106. Find Out Why One Direction, Ariana Grande & More Are Talking Dirty!
  107. Get the Scoop on Austin Mahone's "MMM Yeah" Music Video Girl!
  108. Does Harry Styles Want to Take His Dates on Helicopter Rides?
  109. See What Your Fave Stars Could Buy With Their Millions!
  110. Why Does Selena Gomez Look So Heartbroken?
  111. Did Taylor Swift Ditch Selena Gomez Because of Justin Bieber?
  112. Was Justin Bieber's Leaked Deposition Video a Set Up?
  113. Taylor Swift Releases Hilarious American Music Awards Video
  114. Demi Lovato Publicly Confesses Her Love for Wilmer Valderrama
  115. Are Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik Ready to Start a Family?
  116. 14 Photos That Will Have You Screaming For a 'High School Musical' Reunion
  117. Awesome Photos of Your Fave Musicians Hanging Out!
  118. You'll Never Guess Perrie Edwards' Dream Wedding!
  119. A Timeline of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Most Scandalous Moments
  120. See What Justin Bieber Did to Win Back Selena Gomez!
  121. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Perform a Super Scandalous Dance!
  122. Miley Cyrus' Fan Got Arrested — And You Won't Believe Why!
  123. Louis Tomlinson Fires Back at the Paparazzi!
  124. Justin Bieber Defends His Bad Behavior Caught on Tape
  125. 20 Celebs Who Would Be Perfect Girlfriends for One Direction
  126. 18 Pics From Selena Gomez's Comeback Show!
  127. Justin Bieber Dedicates "As Long as You Love Me" to Selena Gomez!
  128. 15 Hilarious Reactions to Jelena Getting Back Together
  129. Are the One Direction Guys Worried Harry Styles Is Leaving Them?
  130. Get the Deets on Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's Romantic Weekend!
  131. 10 Celebs' Weirdest TV Appearances Ever
  132. 30 Pics That Prove Bella Thorne & Tristan Klier Are the Perfect Couple!
  133. 10 Scandalous Photos of Guys Flirting With Katy Perry
  134. Guess Which 'Glee' Star Has Been Secretly Engaged!
  135. Harry Styles Spotted Having Dinner With His Ex-Girlfriend
  136. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!
  137. Get the Details on Ke$ha's Name Change!
  138. 10 Reasons Justin Bieber Needs to Get Over Selena Gomez
  139. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Were Spotted Hanging Out!
  140. Is a Baby Justin Bieber on the Way?
  141. 10 Things Directioners Would Text Niall Horan If They Had His Number
  142. Get the Deets on Harry Styles' Rumored Girlfriend!
  143. Katy Perry Responds to Miley Cyrus Dissing Her Ex!
  144. Justin Bieber Freaks Out When He's Asked About Selena Gomez!
  145. Ed Sheeran Reveals Which One Direction Guy Has the Biggest Muscles!
  146. Miley Cyrus Totally Slams Katy Perry's Ex John Mayer!
  147. Is Taylor Swift Sick of Her Old Friends?
  148. Jena Malone Talks About Her 'Hunger Games' Cast (+ Giveaway!)
  149. Find Out Which Celeb Bought Justin Bieber's House!
  150. 'Wizards of Waverly Place' Stars: Where Are They Now?
  151. Get More Details on Ariana Grande and Chris Brown's Romantic Duet!
  152. 10 Celebs Who Have Totally Dissed Their Exes
  153. Is Niall Horan Trying to Make Selena Gomez Jealous?
  154. Are Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Fighting?
  155. 20 Celebrities You Won't Believe Are Texting Buddies
  156. Is David Henrie Reuniting With Selena Gomez For a New Movie?
  157. You Won't Believe Who Convinced Shailene Woodley to Star in 'Divergent'
  158. 10 Celebs You Never Expected to See in Wedding Dresses
  159. How Did Selena Gomez React to Justin Bieber's Shocking Message?
  160. Cher Lloyd Finally Announces the Release Date for Her Upcoming Album
  161. Katy Perry Opens Up About Her Shocking Kiss With Miley Cyrus
  162. You Won't Believe Which One Direction Guys Make The Most Money!
  163. Niall Horan and Barbara Palvin Spotted At a Concert Together!
  164. Is Harry Styles Going to Give Acting a Shot?
  165. 11 Seriously Scary Celebrity Stalker Stories
  166. 10 Girls Who Would Be Perfect for Harry Styles
  167. Did Jennifer Lawrence Fake Her Red Carpet Fall?
  168. Did Selena Gomez Respond to Justin Bieber's Shocking Message?
  169. Cody Simpson and James Maslow Are Cast for 'Dancing With the Stars'!
  170. You Won't Believe What Cody Simpson's Little Sis Said About Gigi!
  171. Is Sara Alina the Next Big Pop Star?
  172. 10 Must-See Photos of Your Favorite Stars Celebrating the 2014 Oscars
  173. 17 Hilarious Pics of Camila Cabello's Stage Faces!
  174. Jennette McCurdy Totally Bashes Her Ex-Boyfriend Andre Drummond!
  175. Ellie Goulding Comes Clean About Her Romance With Niall Horan
  176. Hunter Hayes Finally Reveals His Celebrity Crush!
  177. 14 Photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez You Didn't Know Existed
  178. Is Austin Mahone Crushing on Becky G?
  179. Is Vanessa Hudgens a Bad Influence on Selena Gomez?
  180. Louis Tomlinson Defends One Direction Against "Crying Parents" on Twitter
  181. See the Shocking Pic Justin Bieber Posted of Selena Gomez on Instagram!
  182. Get the Details on Harry Styles and Taylor Swift's Awkward Reunion
  183. 10 Reasons Why Harry Styles Is Our Hero and Not a Villain
  184. 20 Heart-Melting Pics of Debby Ryan & Her Boyfriend
  185. 14 Celebrities We Wish Justin Bieber Was Still Friends With
  186. Vote For Your Fave Celeb Instagram Pic of the Week!