As June quickly approaches, we know there's one thing on each of your minds: summer vacation. While you still have a few weeks to go before homework is officially a thing of the past, at least you have the long Memorial Day weekend to enjoy in the meantime!

We know that you're excited — we are too! And evidently so are a few of our favorite celebs…


1. AnnaSophia Robb is excited she can spend all day Monday shopping!


2. Big Time Rush is pumped for extra sleep!


3. Cher Lloyd's mind was just blown. She can put off writing her essay for a whole day!


4. Emma Stone. Enough said.


5. Harry Styles is going to have a dance party. You're all invited.


6. Josh Hutcherson is looking forward to his annual Memorial Day barbecue.


7. Kristen Stewart is pumped that she'll only have to go to school for four days next week!


8. Ross Lynch is all about the #happydance.


9. Taylor Swift has a whole extra day to play with Meredith!


10. Zayn Malik can't wait to do nothing but lounge around in his sweats!

Which GIFs best explain your feelings about having no school on Monday?

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