From touring the world together to recording new music in the studio, it's safe to say that the One Direction guys are together way more than they're apart. While it may seem like they'd cherish the alone time they get when they're on vacation, Zayn Malik recently confirmed that that's not the case — they actually miss each other a lot when they have to be a part! According to the 1D guy, they're constantly texting.

"We’re all band mates but our friendship comes first. When we’re not together we’re constantly texting to say, 'Hey, I miss you,'" he spilled.

Since the guys have a friendship that's incomparable to any others' and we now know that they text all the time, we thought it'd be fun to imagine the kinds of convos they have. Click through to see 10 phone screenshots we created on Photoshop that perfectly describe what their group text messages must be like, then let us know in the comments below which texts made you laugh the most.

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