Selena Gomez hasn't been able to make up her mind when it comes to Justin Bieber. The on-and-off couple will be furious with each other one week and then cuddly and cute the next — it's kind of exhausting to keep track of! Though Selena recently said that she's glad that she's not with Justin, calling him "immature" and "disgusting," it looks like she's had a change of heart! Jelena has been spotted out on the town, going hiking together and even kissing.

While we were huge Jelena shippers back in the day, we can't forget about all the drama, tears, and heartbreak that has been happening for the past year.

Click through to see 10 reasons we think it'd be a bad idea for Jelena to get back together right now. Let us know if you agree with us in the comments below!

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