Have you ever seen a rerun of one of your old favorite Disney Channel shows and totally freaked out because you forgot all about some of the actors who played the main stars' sidekicks? It happens to us all the time. Especially now that Disney Replay exists and we get to see reruns of shows like Lizzie McGuire and Kim Possible.

Not only that but because a lot of these Disney Channel shows were filmed years ago, the main characters' sidekicks might have slipped out of the spotlight since then. Or they have just drastically changed and by that I mean, they have grown up. They have matured and some have even gotten super hot.

Remember the character Woody Fink from Suite Life on Deck?

woody fink

Yeah, he looks nothing like this now. In fact, he's hot AF. In fact, his most recent Instagram post is making us totally drool.

Dayum, Matthew. It's safe to say we'll probably never forget about him again. So, where are the other Disney Channel sidekicks? Did they all age as well as Matthew?

Click through the gallery to see 12 Disney sidekicks you probably forgot about over time.

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