Fans aren’t the only ones completely heartbroken over the final season of 13 Reasons Why. That’s right, guys, the cast is too! In fact, during a recent interview with MTV, stars Ross Butler, Alisha Boe and Brandon Flynn revealed the top five things they’ll miss most about being on set now that they’ve finished filming the show’s final season, and boy, is it emotional.

First, the trio kept it light and remembered their time filming in the San Francisco Bay Area. They dished on all the yummy food they won’t have access to anymore. But then, Brandon got emotional and said that the cast is what he’ll miss the most.

“I’ll miss you guys. I will, you know,” he said. Ross joked, “Yeah, I mean, that’s the obvious answer.”

Brandon continued, “Everyone got on really well together and it wasn’t ever a problem.”

From the sound of it, these stars seriously loved the food (#relatable) from on set because the third thing they said they’ll miss is craft services and “consistently having food around.” Then, they praised 13 Reasons Why showrunner Brian Yorkey and added that they’ll miss the show’s great writing.

But that’s not all! Ross even teased what’s to come for his character, Zach, in Season 4! He promised that he’ll be serving up a lot more “comedic” lines.

Finally, Alisha said she’ll miss watching Brandon play sports, then immediately burst into laughter. As it tuned out, the actor did not play either basketball or football in the show, but instead, his stunt double killed it during all the game scenes. After that major laugh session, the actors added a sixth thing that the’ll be missing. Alisha dished that she’s going to miss her character, Jessica, yelling at everyone during every scene in the show. Viewers will know exactly what she’s talking about!

As fans know, this walk down memory lane came just a few weeks after Ross, Alisha and Brandon got real about what makes their show different from other teen drama series.

“All the other teen shows are so dramatized and so romanticized. I think what we pride ourselves in is tackling everything with a groundedness and brutal honesty,” Ross explained during another interview with MTV. Brandon added, “Some of the topics our show covers, we didn’t see growing up. I mean, sexuality gets spoken about.”

Alisha agreed and said in her high school health class she wasn’t taught anything close to what they portray teenagers doing in 13 Reasons Why. All three stars called their show “real” compared to others.

Yeah, we’re seriously going to miss 13 Reasons Why!

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