Ever since it premiered in March 2017, fans have been seriously obsessed with the Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why. Now, the cast — comprised of Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Timothy Granaderos, Ross Butler, Devin Druid, Miles Heizer, Justin Prentice, Brandon Flynn, Alisha Boe and Christian Navarro — is gearing up to release their fourth and final season. Although a release date for Season 4 hasn’t been announced just yet, some of the show’s stars have opened up about what sets their series apart from other typical teen dramas.

“All the other teen shows are so dramatized and so romanticized. I think what we pride ourselves in is tackling everything with a groundedness and brutal honesty,” Ross explained during an interview with MTV. Brandon added, “Some of the topics our show covers, we didn’t see growing up. I mean, sexuality gets spoken about.”

Alisha agreed and said in her high school health class she wasn’t taught anything close to what they portray teenagers doing in 13 Reasons Why. All three stars called their show “real” compared to others.

As fans know, this came just a few months after the actors wrapped filming on the show for the final time. For those who missed it, after their last day of shooting, the whole cast took to social media and posted heartfelt tributes to the show and its characters.

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