Without a doubt, 13 Reasons Why has become a huge hit since being released just a few weeks ago. Everyone who has or hasn’t seen it yet, can’t stop talking or speculating about it. It’s clear that the world is obsessed with the show, characters and even the stars themselves!

What’s just as impressive is just how popular the show has become in a short amount of time. Despite only becoming available to stream for about a month now, it appears that 13RW has been able to reach a huge milestone that it takes many other show months or even various seasons to accomplish.

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Thanks to all the loyal, dedicated and passionate fans that have been sharing their thoughts about each episode, the characters, and hopes for more episodes on Twitter – they’ve helped it become the most tweeted about show of the year!

According to Variety, 11 million tweets have been sent out about 13 Reasons since it’s debut on March 30th, making it the number one most talked – or in this case, tweeted-about show of the year. It knocked another beloved series, The Vampire Diaries which aired its final episode earlier this year; out of it’s number one spot and down into number two.

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It’s just not the show that fans can’t stop talking about either; it’s the characters too, and for good reason considering the final episode included a crazy cliffhanger and some unanswered questions about a few of the Liberty High kids.

Speaking of the characters, the most popular and tweeted about ones so far are Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen, Jeff Atkins, Alex Standall and Justin Foley.

With this kind of passion from the fans, it’s hard to imagine a second season not happening. Besides, we need the answers to those unanswered questions from the season finale!

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