The future of 13 Reasons Why is still up in the air but this has not changed the fact that people are still obsessed AF with the series and the cast.

Until Netflix decides whether or not to continue making more seasons, fans can find some consolation by following the stars of the show on social media platforms like Instagram to keep up with them.

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Katherine Langford recently revealed that she made her account public after Selena Gomez persuaded her to in order for her to connect with fans, while other stars have been getting thousands of followers since the show first premiered.

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On Instagram, they share photos with their families, their pets, and so many of them hanging out together and it is truly heartwarming to see they are actually friends in real life. Some of them are so different than their roles and finding out their personalities displayed through their posts.

Check out the gallery below to find out the usernames of 13 stars from the show that are definitely going to liven up your Instagram timeline.

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