Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole are new parents to their first born child and it was revealed yesterday that after weeks of being nameless, they have finally chosen the name Bear Payne for the baby!

The Daily Mail first reported the news and when a TV presenter named Bear Grylls congratulated the singer on the name choice, Liam confirmed the news by thanking him via Twitter for his good wishes!

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Fans quickly took to social media to express their confusion and share a few jokes at the expense of the baby's name.

Like Bear is not a typical name for a child, celebrities tend to give their children special names instead of the ones regular people might choose for theirs. It is expected for people to react a certain way and some people even made jokes that are chuckle-worthy, it is also important to respect the parent's wishes in naming their child whatever they please to name them.

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With that said, click through the gallery above to see some of the best reactions fans had on social media about Liam's son's name!

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