Hello J-14ers and fellow Beliebers,
Resident Justin fangirls and J-14 staffers Katelyn and Lisa here, and we have a really important message: Justin Bieber's new music video for "Baby" IS AWESOME. Like, really awesome. As in, ever since we posted the Biebs' newest music video a week ago, we haven't stopped playing it over and over again in the office and for all of our friends and fams.

We would like to invite you to watch the video with us below and read our play-by-play of Justin Bieber's music video genius.

1. Bowling Alleys: Hanging with friends, rental shoes, a lil' competition? Sounds like a pretty fantastic night to us as well as the perfect setting for a music vid.
2. Justin's Double-Handed Skills at 0:20: Did YOU notice Justin bowling righty?! Crazy, since the singer writes with his left hand FYI.
3. Drake at 1:13: A cameo from our favorite rapper, did you see him and scream at the top of your lungs "DRAAAAKE!" We sure did!
4. Literal Lyric/Dance Moves at 1:32: This is one of our fave lyrics, and the shirt-shaking move fits it so well.
5. Pool Table Roll at 1:34: Best.move.ever.
6. Dance Off at 1:42: Synchronized guy vs. girl dance off with break dancing? Yes, please. We may or may not be learning all the girl's moves…
7. Break Dancing Girl at 1:48: We love how she isn't afraid to show the boys how it's done!
8. Purple Power at 1:52: When we think Justin, we think purple (blame it on the shirt he wore his first time in the J-14 offices!) so we love that he stays true to his roots with those plum-hued high tops.
9. LUDA! at 2:13: We "don't need no Starbucks!" These sweet rhymes are the perfect caffeine substitute.
10. Justin Rapping Along at 2:37: How adorable is Justin mouthing "amazin'" along with Luda? Answer: really adorable.
11. Moonwalk Much? at 3:03: Hmm, can we make it mandatory for him to do that in every video?
12. Justin and Luda Hammin' It Up at 3:16: Between Drake, Ludacris, and of course, Justin, we would have loved to be the fly on the wall when they filmed this.
13. Happy Ending at 3:18 Justin's persistence and earnest "I'm all gone" goodbye brings back our own memories of first love. ::sigh!::
14. Justin Peaces Out at 3:29 The Canadian cutie puts his personal stamp on all of his projects, like his JB-patented peace sign goodbye at the end. We remember it from his J-14 photo shoot!

Now we want to know your favorite "Baby" moments — why do you love this video? Did we miss anything?!

Hugs + Hair Flips,
Katelyn & Lisa

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