Valentine's Day is just four days away and we couldn't wait to share with you the 14 reasons why One Direction's cutie pie, Niall Horan, is so lovable. Check out our reasons below!

  1. We love that he can kill any guitar solo.

  2. His blue eyes make us swoon. We could get lost in them for hours and hours.

  3. We love that he's an unashamed guy Belieber! He showed his love for the Biebs on Twitter even before they were close buds.

  4. Demi Lovato, Khloe Kardashian, and Cher Lloyd, to name a few. We love that he's such a great friend to some of our favorite female celebs.

  5. His shameless love for Katy Perry makes him number one in our book.

  6. His accent! As the only Irish lad in One Direction, he sure represents his country proudly.

  7. His doppleganger is the one and only Ellen DeGeneres. There's nothing more perfect than those two together.

  8. He's carefree and relaxed. We love that he doesn't take himself too seriously and can just have fun.

  9. Food. He loves food and we love him for it. Plus, his love for food has made him a self-acclaimed awesome cook!

  10. We love his goofy smile, which is a plus because he's always happy. His smile makes us smile (and our hearts melt).

  11. We swoon over Niall in his snapbacks. He can add a hat to any outfit and make it work. He works his style and looks good in everything.

  12. He's a writer! We can't get over the fact that he helped write some songs on 'Up All Night.' Just when we thought he couldn't get any more perfect…

  13. His love for America. You know how we're obsessed with the UK? Well, Niall's just as obsessed with our country and we love him for it.

  14. Most of all, we love how proud and happy he is to be part of the phenomena known as One Direction.

Why do you love Niall Horan?

Photo courtesy of Columbia Records.
Written by: Sora Hwang

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