Allisyn Ashley Arm and her BF Dylan Riley Snyder are super cute and we are so in love with them as a couple! The two are both former Disney Channel stars and have deep roots in comedy. They can be seen on each other's Instagram accounts and are always laughing or smiling in their sweet pics.

Allisyn and Dylan have so much chemistry and are always color coordinating their outfits, sometimes even twinning in the same shirts or sweaters. So cute! They also frequently bond over their shared love for the movie Fight Club and even dressed as the movie's main characters, Tyler Durden and Marla Singer, for Halloween.

We love seeing pics of the cute couple going hiking together, attending auditions for the same shows or movies as a couple and just hanging out and being goofy. The comedic couple share the most adorable selfies on Instagram, we couldn't help but make them our Couple of the Week!

Click through the gallery and obsess over Allisyn and Dylan like we currently are! Then, let us know if you think they're as cute as we do in the comments section below.

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