I love TV. It's the only "About Me" subject on Facebook that I get REALLY excited about changing and updating. I have strong allegiances to the shows that I DVR so dearly, and if two of them collide, it's pure programming heaven.

This weekend, I was catching up on 30 Rock and my jaw (literally) dropped when in the first few minutes of this past Thursday's show, there was a subtle Glee reference! And not just any ol' Glee reference, but a Kevin McHale (wheelchair-bound Artie on the show and former NLT boy band member) name drop that I'm sure only Gleeks with super sonic hearing picked up on.

The Scenario: Jack (Alec Baldwin) and Liz (Tina Fey, pictured above as Liz) are in an elevator.
Kevin McHale Name Drop: Jack refers to Liz as "the female Kevin McHale" — most likely because of their shared brown hair and thick-rimmed glasses.
Conclusion: Yes, I know that Kevin McHale is also a bball star, but, hello — do you see those pics above?!? I say it's still a sly reference to Artie-poo. It may not seem like the most flattering, but knowing Tina Fey's sassy sense of humor, she was totally poking fun at herself and, since she's a 30 Rock writer, is probably just letting her big Gleek flag fly!

Dear Ms. Fey, you are an excellent writer, actress, and role model for girls of all ages. Please have Kevin McHale guest star on 30 Rock. Or figure out how to make a Glee cameo.

J-14 Editor

Do you guys watch 30 Rock? Did you hear the Kevin reference? What do you think of the two, could they be brother and sister, or what?

Photos: Courtesy of Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC; Courtesy of Fox

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