We can’t imagine another actor playing Peeta Mellark other than Josh Hutcherson — but did you know there were several actors that almost nabbed the role before him? From Evan Peters to Alexander Ludwig, keep reading for all the actors who almost played the boy with bread!

It may or may not surprise you that Alexander was initially considered for the role of Peeta — however, he instead found his place as District One’s formidable competitor in the games — Cato.

“I started traveling Europe with a couple buddies after my senior year, and while traveling Europe, I made it my goal to physically sculpt my body so I could portray the character,” Alexander told Us Weekly. “I was really getting ready for that role. When it came down to it, it was between me, Josh Hutcherson and one other kid.”

He ultimately agreed that “Josh really did a great job of portraying Peeta’s overall essence” and found a benefit to his role in the first movie.

He said he enjoyed “playing the bad ass and getting to be very evil.”

Another actor who almost played tribute 12’s male tribute, was Hunter Parrish. At just 23, the actor had already established himself as a Broadway standout star when rumors linked him to the role of Peeta.  Despite fan interest in seeing him as Finnick Odair in the franchise’s second film, he was ultimately overlooked for both roles, with Sam Claflin ultimately snagging the part of Finnick Odair.

“You know, this whole Hunger Games thing, man… I’m not quite sure,” he told MTV when asked about playing Finnick in 2012. “Because I’ve been through this once before, it was very exciting for me, for the first movie, to be a part of that. And I read all the books at that time, and I loved the script and the director and Jennifer Lawrence…”

He continued, saying that “Josh is also a friend of mine, and he’s great, he’s perfect.”

“But I dove in for that one, so for this one, I don’t know. I think you just kind of step back, and if it happens, it happens,” Hunter added. “I wouldn’t cast myself. I’m a fan of the books, I think there are fantastic actors that would probably be better.”

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