Even though Liam Payne is in full-on dad mode to his baby son Bear, any true One Direction fan knows he's always been considered the true "dad" of the band. Liam was the responsible member of 1D who always gave thoughtful answers to questions the band got and tried to keep everyone on track. While the guys of One Direction were getting used to life as global superstars, they happened to discover a little rather unknown band called 5 Seconds of Summer. As you know by now, 5SOS went on the road with 1D and opened for them on a few tours and gone on to become superstar too.

Well in a recent Ask Anything chat Liam did, he was asked if he's proud of Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford since their early days opening for One Direction and in true Liam fashion, he gave the sweetest response.

"We found 5 Seconds of Summer in a garage in Melbourne I do believe, in Australia and watched a video of them. Obviously, they've gone on from strength to strength ever since so I'm really proud of them. It's weird watching those young lads grow up, it makes you feel a lot older," Liam said.

HOW PRECIOUS. Liam clearly fonded remembers when he and his bandmates truly discovered the up and coming group and we all remember the first time he and Louis Tomlinson first tweeted about the band you then became obsessed with too. It's nice to know he was such a dad even then to the fellas.

5sos and one direction

The lovefest for other artists didn't stop there in the chat. Another fan then asked Liam if you went to a show as a fan, what order would he pick a meet and greets between Little Mix, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. And Liam gave another v cute answer.

"Little Mix, because I know them quite well, I would say I sort of know Selena a little bit so maybe her next, Miley Cryus once followed me accidentally with her bum on Twitter so maybe her and then Camila Cabello in no partiuclar order really," he said.

Aww, it's super cute that Liam so confidently chose the girls of Little Mix since he does go way back with them and the fact that he jokingly called out that Miley followed him on Twitter without them really knowing each other with such a dad-style joke. Can always count on our dear Payno.

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