Whenever there’s a kiss in a TV show or a movie, it usually looks romantic, adorable and pretty close to perfect, right? Well guys, it turns out, it’s not always as good as it looks behind-the-scenes. Sometimes, in fact, there are some pretty awkward and hilarious stories behind the smooches!

Take Calum Worthy, for example. The very first time he kissed someone was for a movie, and it’s safe to say it didn’t go smoothly.

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“My first kiss was when I was 12 and I was doing a movie. I’m smoking a cigarette in the movie. They don’t give you a real cigarette because I was 12. I was supposed to smoke the cigarette and kiss the girl. I had never done either of these things. I got so nervous while kissing her that the lit cigarette burnt a hole in my pants and actually gave me a little mark on my leg. And there’s a very distinct taste to these fake cigarettes, so I thought that’s what kissing someone tasted like. And I still do to this day,” he said in a recent interview.

And the former Disney Channel star isn’t the only one to have an embarrassing story behind an on-screen kiss. Penn Badgley and Blake Lively, Dylan Sprouse and Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth and more have all also spilled on their bad on-screen smooches, and we cannot stop laughing. Scroll through our gallery discover more of your favorite stars’ worst on-screen kisses.

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