Warning: Spoilers ahead. Let’s get a show of hands — who else cannot get enough of Riverdale? The CW series quickly became everyone’s obsession after it aired in January 2017, and now, four seasons later, fans are still hooked! Well, as fans gear up for the fifth season — set to premiere in 2021 — we decided to take a walk down memory lane and relive some of the show’s craziest storylines over the past four seasons.

Let’s be real, Riverdale is unlike any other show on TV, and we’re seriously obsessed with it,. But the fan-favorite series is chock full of plot twists that are sometimes out of this world. For example, the time Betty Cooper’s dad ended up being a literal serial killer. What about the time there was an actual murder during Riverdale High’s musical production? Or that one time a cult came into down and was harvesting organs. Yep, we’d say those were wild! But don’t worry, guys, there’s more where those came from.

If you’ve forgotten some of the crazy stuff that went down in Riverdale, no worries because J-14 has got you covered. We broke down the wildest plotlines from all four seasons! Scroll through our gallery to check them out. 

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