Prepare yourselves for a crazy story, folks, because what happened at Colleen Ballinger‘s house is absolutely wild.

The YouTube star took to her channel on February 18 to let fans know that, unfortunately, there was an intruder in her house. Interestingly enough, said intruder didn’t come to steal her belongings, but to take selfies in her bathtub. Uh, what?

That’s right, you guys! The internet personality explained the crazy situation alongside her good friend Todrick Hall, who was actually part of the reason this whole thing happened in the first place.

“This is a very scary situation that happened to us and I felt horrible,” Todrick said. “I was going through a transitional period and I was trying to hire new staff. So I met this guy who — I don’t even know if this is the truth, but he told me that he grew up in the same neighborhood that I did and when I was in high school he lived in the apartment above me, and I was like, ‘This seems like somebody I could trust.’ I hired him to be my assistant and everyone was like, ‘He is great. He is so awesome.'”

Spoiler alert: He wasn’t that awesome. Long story short, the 33-year-old singer had to head out to the studio while Colleen was out of town, so she asked if someone could stay behind and keep an eye on the house — especially since they noticed people driving by and taking photos earlier.

Since Todrick trusted his new assistant, who they referred to as ‘Chocolate Milk’ in the video, he was the one who got to stick around and babysit the house. But alas, it backfired.

He said, “Two weeks later, Colleen has someone come to fix the air conditioner in her room, and my other assistant is in the room and he notices the bathtub. And he’s like, ‘Todrick, I think that Chocolate Milk took a photo in the bathtub,’ and I’m like, ‘He wouldn’t do that. There’s no way he would do that.'”

Well, you guys. He actually did do it because when the other assistant took photos of the bathroom to compare, they matched Chocolate Milk’s pics perfectly.

“He set up a photo shoot, got in my bathtub, got very emotional and was taking pictures in milk in my bathtub butt naked,” Colleen said. “This guy I had met maybe twice in passing.” OMG.

To make matters even worse, the guy totally lied when Todrick confronted him, so of course, he was fired. Still, that wasn’t even the worst thing that Chocolate Milk did. How do we know? Because Todrick said he got a phone call from Apple a couple of days after calling him out for the bathroom photo shoot saying that fraudulent charges have been made.

That’s right, you guys! As it turns out, Chocolate Milk was charging several expensive items to Todrick’s credit card, including two laptop computers, two Beats speakers, two IPhone X’s and airplane tickets. Plus, there were other charges from ITunes and Uber as well.

NGL, the bathtub situation kind of made us laugh at first, but now that we’ve heard the story, it’s downright creepy. Not to mention, making charges on other people’s credit cards is just plain wrong, and of course, very illegal. Yikes!

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