We are all absolutely loving the new 2018 version of The Grinch, which hit theaters Nov. 9. The motion picture makes a few updates to the original Dr. Seuss story that we all know and love, but did you notice the hilarious Taylor Swift meme in the movie?

So you may have noticed the LOL-worthy screaming goat that pops up a few times throughout the film, but you might not have realized that it’s actually a total T-Swift reference!

Okay, so who remembers that epic YouTube video that was circulating the web back in 2013 that featured a similar screaming goat and Taylor’s “I Knew You Were Trouble?” For those of you that don’t, someone went ahead and took the song and dubbed in a screaming goat over the 28-year-old’s voice, right after the line, “Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground.”

LOL it’s still pretty funny. And the directors of The Grinch must have thought so too since they just confirmed to INSIDER that the goat in the movie was in fact inspired by this video!

“We’d already done the scene where we knew the Grinch was going to go out to try to find reindeer and find Fred. We’d already started to build that sequence, and then we were like, ‘This is missing something. There’s a layer of fun to be had as he’s journeying out into the woods,’” co-director Scott Mosier explained.

“I wish I could say it was some deep, artistic, creative core, but it was YouTube,” Scott continued about the inspiration for the goat. “There’s a Taylor Swift remix of one of her songs with a screaming goat, and we all couldn’t stop laughing. I just think it’s the funniest thing in the world.”

Screaming Goat Grinch GIF

“We were heading to the first test screening and we were like, ‘How are we going to end the movie?’ And there was that screaming goat, and we were like, ‘Let’s go for it,’ the director continued.

And it turned out to be a big hit!

“It was, probably, the biggest laugh, and it really just gave such an energy to the end of the film that at that point it was like, ‘OK, something’s working here. We need to keep this’,” co-director Yarrow Cheney added.

Well, add “inspiring a scene in a Christmas movie” to the long list of Taylor Swift’s epic achievements.

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