Although it may appear that the Disney Channel squad is all one big, happy family, there has actually been a lot of drama on the network over the years. That’s right, some of the world’s biggest Disney stars have gotten into some seriously intense feuds in the past, and J-14 is here to break them all down once and for all.

Take Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment, for example. They may have played besties in Hannah Montana, but when the cameras stopped rolling, they did not get along! What about Debby Ryan and Skai Jackson? The Jessie costars have been embroiled in a nasty fight for years now, and boy, has it been intense. Oh, and let us not forget the time that Dylan Sprouse completely shaded Joe Jonas in an interview! Yeah, there has definitely been some serious rivalries on the network over the years.

Scroll through our gallery for a recap of Disney Channel’s most shadiest feuds and nastiest rivalries.

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