Over the past decade and a half, Aaron Carter has been in and out of the spotlight for various reasons.

The younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has made headlines for his struggle with money, alleged substance abuse, new music and now his eating disorder.

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While this might come as a surprise, many fans have commented on Aaron's weight over the past several years noticing how skinny he's gotten. Now, Aaron is setting the record the straight about his health and his weight. He's opening up like never before about what he's been dealing with and how he will have to cope with this issue in the long run.

Aaron fired off a series of tweets on Wednesday morning. He started off by saying, "By the way y'all wanna know why I'm so skinny? It's because @ 19 i was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, I didn't choose that. be kind to me.."

He continued to explain what this is exactly is and why the condition has kept the weight off of his body. Aaron said, "It's a terrible stress condition that affects me having an appetite and I'm sorry this is the way I am. Basically I have an eating disorder."

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Fans had absolutely no idea he was dealing with this. In our culture today, there's so much stigma surrounding eating disorders especially when it comes to males. It's rarely talked about and we give Aaron some major props for coming out and telling his story. Not only is it enlightening fans about his life, but it may help some other people who hear what he has to say, face their problems as well.

Aaron said, "I'm sorry, sometimes I really wish I did look better, or I eat more like y'all say, this life doesn't come w much stability…."

He continued, "If you don't believe me ask my brother he was there when I was 19 diagnosed. It's a stress eating disorder, I'm sorry I didn't choose this."

Aaron went on to say that he doesn't abuse drugs and he's at a much better place now than he was before. He even apologizes to his fans if he has ever let them down or made them feel embarrassed about being his fans. This is super heartbreaking and just goes to show that we can never truly know what someone is going through until we walk in their shoes.

While that might seem cliche, it's true. Aaron seems like he really has been struggling with some tough situations.

We applaud the way that he has handled this situation and hope that he continues to let his fans in. Way to go, Aaron!

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If you or a friend need help finding treatment for an eating disorder, there are tons of helpful resources out there. A great place to start is nationaleatingdisorders.org.

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