Abigail Breslin's former bandmate Sean Brody is taking the Scream Queens actress to court! The Weekenders' singer and keyboardist was recruited to join her band, and EXCLUSIVELY opened up to J-14 about his legal battle with the "You Suck" singer. He says he's suing the star for not paying him, after she agreed to fairly compensate him and the rest of the band, for their time.

"I filed a lawsuit and I’m taking her to court. That’s pretty much for the rehearsals, the gas, the tolls, the time it took us to learn the music," he told us.

"I wanted an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. I didn’t sue the girl for $50,000 hoping she would settle for $20,000 or $10,000. I’m suing for $2,125. And that’s the calculation of what she owes me."

He says that he's been waiting for months to get the money that she said she would pay him. While they did not have a contract written out, they did have a verbal agreement and text messages confirming their arrangement.

"I even called the manager, but she got a new manager because supposedly the other manager ran off with a bunch of our money. That's what she claims. She told us she was basically going to fix it, and was going to pay us. And about nine months later, eight months later, I'm still waiting. I haven't been paid a penny for the rehearsals that I went to. They're a couple of hours long each," he spilled.

Wow, this is absolutely crazy!

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