From the sound of it, Abigail Breslin is having some serious issues with her former music manager. The Little Miss Sunshine star recently took to Twitter and called out Elis Pacheco after he seemingly removed her 2014 track “You Suck” off Spotify.

The drama started after a fan tweeted at the actress and asked why the song had been taken off the streaming service. She replied, “For clarification: I didn’t take it off Spotify but my former music manager @ElisDigital (who also uploaded the song without my knowledge) did.”

In a series of following tweets, the 24-year-old explained that not only did she not want to release “You Suck” in the first place, but Elis apparently removed her track and replaced it with another one of his client’s songs.

“My former manager @ElisDigital also replaced ‘You Suck’ on @spotify with another one of his client’s songs, while keeping it under my Spotify profile,” she claimed. She then added, “I also want to state that I have made zero profit off of ‘You Suck.’ A song I never wanted to release. All profit has gone to @ElisDigital, my former manager.”

Abigail Breslin Slams Former Music Manager After He Replaces Her Song On Spotify With Another Clien

She tagged the manager in another tweet, before fans started to get involved.

“This has now messed up my Spotify entirely… @ElisDigital, anything to say for yourself?” Abigail posted.

After that, some of her thousands of followers started a petition to bring the song back on Spotify, which has since received over 300 signatures. Upon seeing the efforts her fans took to support her music career, Abigail said their actions “are bringing tears to my eyes.” She then explained why she’s so upset about the entire situation.

“My LEAST favorite song I’ve written is ‘You Suck.’ I’m not trying to get it back on @Spotify [because] I love it. I’m trying to show its WRONG to take an artist’s property to gain streams and [money] for another artist. Regardless of your thoughts on the song, this is about protecting songwriters,” Abigail wrote.

For those who forgot, the after it was released in 2014, the song received major backlash from 5 Seconds of Summer fans who claimed it was a dig at guitarist Michael Clifford, after they went on a few dates together. But the 5SOS fandom has apparently come together to help the songstress get the song back on Spotify.

“I have to give it up for the 5SOS fandom [right now]. [You] may not like me, but you KNOW when something is wrong and you know what’s being done to me is wrong. Even if you aren’t my fan, I’m your fan,” she said.

Abigail Breslin Slams Former Music Manager After He Replaces Her Song On Spotify With Another Clien

At this time, the song has not been added back to Spotify. Elis has yet to respond to Abigail’s claims or J-14‘s request for comment.

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