TikTok influencer Addison Rae broke down in tears during an Instagram Live on Tuesday, September 15, while addressing the constant hate she receives online.

“If everyone could collectively just think about what other people could be going through then there’s so much good in this world that we haven’t let take over,” the social media personality, 19, tearfully said, according to clips from the livestream reposted online. “People are so misunderstood, especially on the Internet. There’s people that get portrayed a certain way, or people just attack them for things that aren’t necessarily true or right. You never really know what’s going on.”

Addison continued, “I’m gonna be honest, [the hate] does get to me. There are moments when I read things about myself, and I read comments … I can’t sit here and act like has never affected me, because it has.”

Addison Rae Breaks Down in Tears While Addressing Constant Hate From Fans

When chatting with J-14 in June, Addison opened up about how she deals with negative attention and hate on social media.

“It’s really just about remembering where you came from and staying true to who you are. If I’m genuinely happy with the people I’m around and the things I’m doing, then I try not to let those words get to me,” she said at the time. “There are days when it does get really hard and you do get down on yourself and you start to look at those things and think they’re a reflection of you. But, I think it’s really just about realizing that you weren’t made to please everybody. If someone’s not going to like you, it’s because they probably decided not to like you, and it’s going to take so much of your energy to try to change that for them. So it’s better to just realize that the people around you and the people that love you are the ones meant to be in your life.”

She also explained why she feels it’s important to call out body shamers online.

“It’s important to speak about body shaming as a whole, because a lot of people will hide behind a screen and say things that they wouldn’t necessarily say in person,” Addison told J-14. “I think it’s really important to call attention to that … I have a different body type than someone else, it doesn’t make me any less valuable. I think it’s really important to realize that your worth isn’t in people’s words.”

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