TikTok star Addison Rae just got real about why she prefers the video streaming app and seemingly shaded Instagram in the process. The 19-year-old explained that her platform is more welcoming compared to other social media apps.

“I think the social network gives everyone the ability to express themselves much more than just a photo. TikTok has become a place where everyone feels welcome,” she said during a recent interview with Spanish Vogue. “What I like most about TikTok is that it gives me, and everyone else, the opportunity to be seen by people from different parts of the world and the opportunity to share what we are passionate about.”

The influencer also said she first joined the app back in July 2019 as a way to showcase all her best moves.

“I started dancing competitively when I was 6 years old and TikTok has become the perfect tool to demonstrate my love for dancing,” she dished before sharing her best tips to create the perfect video. “The key is good lighting. I always try to record around lunchtime, it is a time when there is a good light.”

As fans know, this interview came just a few days after Addison slammed critics who said TikTok stars “do nothing.”

“I feel like people have the idea that it is a bunch of nothing and we’re just sitting in our rooms making videos and it’s super easy. Yeah it may be a 15 second video, but you want to make it the best 15 seconds that anyone’s ever watched,” she explained while talking to James Charles in a recent video. “It [takes] a lot of time learning the dances, coming up with the dances, coming up with skits and yeah TikTok may be a 15 second video, but when we’re working on other platforms as well, it’s all a big job.”

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