Some fans have accused Addison Rae of encouraging her friend Kio Cyr to use a racial slur in a resurfaced video, but he has cleared the air.

Yep, during an old Instagram Live, which has gone viral recently after it was sceenrecorded and reposted by fans, some people thought that the TikTok star told Kio that he should “use the N-word.”

“No!” Kio said in the clip, to which Addison responded, “I’m kidding!”

Although Addison has yet to address the situation, Kio did speak out about it in an Instagram comment. He claimed that she didn’t say he should use the word after all, but instead, asked him if he said it.

kio responds addison rae

“She said, ‘Did you say?’ lmao chill,” the social media star wrote.

Addison has also come under fire after she posted a pic to her Snapchat Stories, where she seemingly had a much darker complexion than she normally has. Some people have slammed her for allegedly using makeup to make her skin darker.

addison rae dark skin

“Why is Addison so brown?” one fan quipped on Twitter, with another adding, “Y’all still support Addison Rae right after she retweeted about the the BLM movement being a cult and she did a ‘fake tan’ witch was 50 shades darker the her natural skin tone.”

Other people stood up for the influencer, explaining that she “tans easily.”

“OK, so these are some of the old pictures of Addison Rae,” they wrote, alongside some more snaps of the star with darker skin. “You can see how easily she tans. If you are gonna say this is black fishing too, then idk what to think about you guys. Also, I am not here to offend any black person, please just hear me out.”

“I’m mixed and the color of my skin changes throughout the year but what she got ain’t that,” a fourth fan fired back. “She got a fake tan that’s too dark.”

She has yet to publicly respond to the backlash.

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