Everyone’s been pretty excited for Disney’s live action remake of Aladdin, which hits theaters on Friday, May 24. But when the trailer for the highly anticipated flick dropped last month, there was one major difference from the animated classic that quickly caught everyone’s attention — the character’s outfits!

As fans know, the infamous cartoon character wore white pants and a purple vest with his chest on full display the entire movie.


But in the remake, Aladdin (played by Mena Massoud) wears a white shirt, a red vest and striped pants instead.

Aladdin remake

So why did they change up his look? Well, costume designer Michael Wilkinson explained their reasoning to Entertainment Weekly, and it actually makes a lot of sense.

“For the same reason why we thought it wasn’t appropriate for Princess Jasmine to be flashing her belly button for half of the film, we also felt that once you make that leap from cartoon into live-action, you really have to make some adjustments,” he dished. “We thought having so much skin showing on Aladdin for the whole film would be quite distracting on a human actor as opposed to a cartoon character.”

As for Jasmine (played by Naomi Scott), Michael put a spin on the iconic turquoise crop top and pants outfit that her character wore in the animated movie.


In the new film, the princess’ outfit is totally transformed — with gems, rhinestones, sparkles, feathers and more!

Jasmine Aladdin

“We wanted to, of course, refer to the iconic image from the animated film but within the context of the world we were creating around Jasmine, [such as] the way the courtiers dress and the way the people from the market town dress,” the costume designer added. “It really felt more appropriate to do something that referred to the crop top that we see in the animation but we extended the [top’s] line down, we had almost a flesh-colored fabric through the waist, but because it was more of a formal outfit for the palace court, it’s quite restrictive.”

Well, as sad as we are that Aladdin’s abs won’t be on display the whole movie, we’re still super excited to see it.

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