Get ready to start singing Alexi Blue's new track all through the weekend! The 18-year-old artist debuted her music video for her latest single, "I Don't Want to Wait," earlier this week — and it's a jam. Not only does the song have a super-catchy tune, there's a really personal message behind it.

In the description of her YouTube video, Alexi says she wrote the song about "the moment when you make that [instant] connection with someone," even if they have no clue you exist.

She continued, "I also wrote this song as a metaphor to represent all those things in your life that you see in your mind and believe in your heart are gonna happen and that you believe in, but you're just not exactly sure of how you're gonna get there yet or who's gonna come into your life to help you do it."

We love that this song encourages you to start following your passion and create the life you want. In the video, Alexi totally rocks out, and you can really feel the emotion behind the track. You'll feel inspired to live your best life just watching it!

Watch her music video below, and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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