Last night was a big night for Dancing With The Stars fans. After an epic few months, Season 27 of the show finally came to an end, but the fight to the finish was intense. Milo Manheim and Witney Carson had a show-stopping performance where they literally danced on top of water, and Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten totally burned up the stage with their tango. The competition was definitely super tight, but there could only be one winner. And drum roll please, Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess took home the coveted mirror ball!

But the question on everyone’s mind was, what will happen to our favorite TV couple, Alexis and Alan? Will they stay together now that the show is ending? Was their romance just for the cameras?

As J-14 readers know, Alexis and Alan started off as dance partners but fell for each other during the competition. The show documented their adorable romance, with the two constantly gushing over each other, dedicating their performances to each other, and even kissing on air. And the finale was just as filled with their PDA as ever. Besides sharing another smooth and getting super touchy, the social media star even opened up about her journey with Alan before they hit the stage.

“So much of my growth this season has come from Alan,” Alexis gushed. “He has pushed me to believe in myself. It’s so much fun to dance with someone you have a connection with. We communicate, not just through our steps and movements, but with our hearts, too. I really found love. I’ve never felt better. Because of this journey, I know myself better than I ever have.”

Wow, the 21-year-old totally just dropped the L word! But afterwards she explained to Entertainment Tonight that although she’s super happy with Alan, the show actually edited her speech and she was actually referring to loving herself.

“They cut it! I really felt love in myself,” she explained, laughing. “Honestly, I have no idea where that came from.”

But Alexis did admit that she felt like she “won” in finding Alan, even though they didn’t actually take home the mirror ball. And if that wasn’t cute enough, Alan couldn’t stop raving about his beau either.

“Honestly, this whole experience, I’ve told her so many times I don’t care if we win the mirrorball because we’re out here doing something that we love and it’s so much fun and to do it with Alexis has been incredible,” he told ET. “So I’m just so thankful for this whole journey.”

As for what will happen to the couple now, they explained that they’re definitely going to continue their romance and that they’re excited to finally have some chill time together.

“Now we can be normal for a little while,” Alan continued. “I don’t have to teach her five hours a day every day, so we can just go hang out.”

But will it last?

“I’m not psychic!” the 24-year-old exclaimed. “We’re really excited because now we can just hang and do whatever we want.”

The couple admitted that they did take a huge step in their relationship before their final performance, when Alexis met Alan’s parents!

“They’re so cute!” Alexis noted of the Bersten family.

And what did his parents think of her?

“What can you not think of her? She’s such a sweet person and she’s so caring and it’s amazing,” Alan added. They seriously could not be cuter.

So after months of speculation, the couple can finally confirm that the relationship wasn’t just for the cameras and even though the show’s over they plan to continue their relationship. Guess we’ll see what happens!

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