Don’t expect to get any info on Alexis Ren‘s love life any more. Yep, a few weeks after news hit the web that she and her boyfriend, Noah Centineo, had split, the Dancing With the Stars alum got real about why she’s decided to keep her relationships more private from now on.

“I’m starting to be more private about my relationships … It’s really hard when people have opinions about you. But it’s even harder when you know people are having opinions about where your heart is. That’s really hard,” she explained. “I just learned to take everything with a grain of salt and move really slowly in that area of my life, because people care so much about my personal life. I appreciate it, but then people also have opinions about my personal life, and that’s where I try to draw the line. It always gets lost in the media, you know? The media just wants a story that has people click on it. They’re not really aware of your heart, in that sense. I reminded myself I have to be more careful.”

As fans know, Us Weekly confirmed that the pair had ended their relationship after a year together in April 2020.

“They broke up a few weeks ago,” a source told them at the time.

They also unfollowed each other on social media. It’s unclear what went wrong between the two stars in the end, but fans were pretty heartbroken over the split.

“My big thing, because I’m a huge people pleaser, is learning how to step away from their opinions. Whenever I’m getting affected by people’s opinions, I’ll visualize me, and there’s a glass wall. And then all of these opinions are getting thrown at the wall, and then I step to the side of the wall. And I’m like, ‘OK, that’s not me,’” the brunette beauty added. “I did that a lot with Dancing With the Stars, and I did that a lot with Sports Illustrated simply because I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m doing these things, and this is great. But it’s still not me. And these titles are not me.’”

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