She’s throwing it back to 1995! Yep, during a recent interview, Alicia Silverstone spilled all the tea on her Clueless character, Cher Horowitz’s iconic yellow and plaid outfit (you know the one). And as it turned out, the outfit could have been in a totally different color.

“There were three options for this opening scene — a blue version, a red version and the yellow version,” the actress told Vogue. “It’s a nod to a school girl uniform, but in an elevated, chic, very high-fashion way. And it’s so absurd. Immediately you’re transformed and you know the world that you’re in, because that’s not how kids dress to go to school.”

As for why they went with the yellow outfit? Well, Alicia said, “It was the most appropriate for the scene.”

To this day, the 43-year-old still sees girls recreating the outfit on social media, she told the magazine.

“Every single Halloween, I get pictures sent to me, and they’re always in the yellow plaid outfit,” she gushed.

But, what happened to the one she wore in the film? No one knows!

“No one knows where that yellow plaid outfit is,” she explained. “At least we have the memory.”

As fans know, this walk down memory lane came just days after reports hit the web that a new spinoff show is in the works about Cher’s BFF Dionne! According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBCUniversal’s new streaming platform, Peacock, is working on the new comedy series, which will revolve around the character — who was played by Stacey Dash in the original movie. It’s unclear whether or not the actress has signed on to reprise her role or if a new star will be cast instead, but either way, we know it’s going to be epic!

The reboot was described as “a baby pink and bisexual blue-tinted, tiny sunglasses-wearing, oat milk latte and Adderall-fueled look at what happens when queen bee Cher disappears and her lifelong number two Dionne steps into Cher’s vacant Air Jordans. How does Dionne deal with the pressures of being the new most popular girl in school, while also unraveling the mystery of what happened to her best friend?”

Wow, how awesome does that sound?!

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