Ever since Alissa Violet and Jake Paul called it quits, she has been in what seems to be a really good relationship with fellow YouTube star FaZe Banks. However, things got nasty while the pair were out in Ohio together. The two were visiting Alissa's family for the Thanksgiving holiday. FaZe claimed on Snapchat that Alissa was actually hit in the face by a man who works at the Barley House bar in Cleveland. He has posted photos of the man who allegedly hit Alissa in the face as well as other employees at the bar who got involved. Not only that, but FaZe also claims that he broke his own hand fighting back in defense of Alissa.

While the Cloutgang leader has shared his feelings and a bit of timeline of the night on his Snapchat, he has also revealed photos of Alissa and her injuries. The pictures are disturbing. The YouTuber posted this close up shot on Twitter with the caption, "Posting a video about this whole situation and explaining everything A-Z as soon as I can. This sh-t is not ok and we’re going to get to the bottom of it. Love you liss, so sorry this happened ?."


During FaZe's Snapchat story, he also showed the world another photo of Alissa's beat up face. FaZe told his Snapchat followers, "Barley House in Ohio. Clevland. F-ck this place. These guys just f-cking choked me out cause this guy just tried to grab my girlfriend's a–. F-ck Barley House in Clevland. This sh-t will be on TMZ tomorrow." Again, it's not totally clear why she was hit but FaZe makes it known why he may have broken his hand. If someone even tried to lay their hand on Alissa, he was going to be her protector.

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Since the entire thing went down, FaZe and Alissa have taken to Twitter to try and find the alleged abusers. Alissa also posted a message for FaZe thanking him for being by her side. She wrote, "Don't know what I would do without Ricky. I swear to god he's my angel. ?? thank you guys for the help, you don't know what it means to us?."

More recently, FaZe described in detail his side of the story during a vlog called, "THE WORST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES…" His story is elaborate and disheartening to see that he and Alissa were put in such a dangerous situation. FaZe starts out by saying that the night really was fun and there were no problems. There was a bit of tension in the middle of the night when he tried to walk Alissa and her two friends to the bathroom in a restricted area. The bouncer who guarded this area told him he was not allowed downstairs. However, one of Alissa's friends who knows someone who is highly respected at the bar called this person, let the bouncer speak to him, and FaZe was allegedly cleared to go down the stairs. He said he never stepped foot in the women's bathroom or the men's just merely waited for the girls and went back upstairs.

At the end of the night, everyone was leaving and walked outside, however, Alissa's family's house is apparently a long car ride from the establishment. So, Alissa's mother allegedly asked FaZe to once again accompany Alissa and her two friends to the bathroom before they left for good. This is where the trouble started. The bathroom bouncer was not liking the fact that FaZe was downstairs even though he had been down there before. FaZe said, "This is when Richie (the bouncer in the restricted area) moves toward me, gets more aggressive and then ultimately grabs me and tries to shove me. In the security footage, you will see I take the first step back and I am shoved first, 100 percent…Don't f-cking touch me. He had no reason to do that. It was completely uncalled for…He pushes me, I push him back, we get into a scuffle. He ultimately gets me into a headlock and then I feel three other guys drag me up the stairs and I'm being dragged by my neck."

FaZe continues with the story and said that Alissa and her two friends got really upset when they saw him being dragged out of the bar. FaZe said, "Alissa gets pushed down the stairs in the midst of this whole thing, has a huge scrap up her leg along with all the bruises on her face. That was the first time Alissa was touched. As soon as I saw her leg and I started to put the pieces together, I started to freak out."

It gets even worse. FaZe explained, "So this is the point where Alissa pulls out her phone to protect me and gather some sort of evidence to help me get my sh-t, back against this guy and obviously you know tension is high, we're heated…We feel like we've been wronged…So she pulls out the camera and these two girls and this guy, all three of these people assaulted Alissa. They're responsible for what happened on her face and what happened from here on was even worse than what happened downstairs…The guy clinches his fist and comes up to me and says, 'Get the f-ck out of here before I beat your a–.' Something along those lines, verbatim…Out of nowhere the girl pops from behind the guy and smashes Alissa in her face with her phone and obviously this is when all hell breaks loose. The guy comes in, pushes Alissa's face, I pick up a water bottle, I whip it at the guy. I look at the guy, I say, 'You touch my girlfriend again, I'm going to beat your a–.'"

Anddd the story doesn't stop there. Another girl hit Alissa in the face for a second time with her phone. Then the guy apparently hit Alissa's arms knocking the phone she was recording the incident on out of her hands. After that, Alissa is allegedly hit for a third time in the face by one of the girls. In video footage from the bar, it shows that FaZe comes over to the girl, tries moving her to the side and the guy actually stretches out his arm and looks to be choking Alissa. This is when FaZe throws some punches, for good reason. The whole thing is completely absurd and while all of the security footage has yet to be released to the public, FaZe has put a good deal of it in his video blog and explains, from his side, what is actually going on.

Unfortunately, all of the banter on his end is going to have to stop for the time being. The court issued an order stopping them from posting anything else on social media about the bar. But, FaZe and Alissa aren't happy with that. They have actually asked the judge to overturn the restraining order claiming that it is a clear violation of their First Amendment rights.

FaZe tweeted about the situation and said, "Barley House successfully filed a court-ordered TRO against me, preventing me from speaking on the matter. I feel as though I’m being censored and my lawyers are working on getting it reversed ASAP. All I can right now is don’t miss my next video. It’s a good one."

He even added, "I can’t wait til I’m allowed to speak freely again. Patiently waiting." And continued, "In the mean time I just wana say thank you to the millions of you that have always been behind me. I wouldn’t be sh-t without you. While all of this has been a very stressful experience, it’s also been extremely humbling. I love you guys more than anything." There's no word on when the order will be lifted just yet.

Anyone who follows Alissa knows that she used to be an integral part of Team 10. Even though she may have had a falling out with Jake, doesn't mean that the rest of the crew doesn't care about her. As this news is beginning to infiltrate the cyber world, Alex Lange took to Twitter to send his heartfelt condolences – and she thanked him, proving that there's no bad blood going on here.

He wrote, "@AlissaViolet i'm so sorry to hear about what happened. hope you're okay, sending my thoughts & ❤️."

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The Barley House actually posted a statement on Facebook hours after the altercation claiming that their employees did nothing wrong. They stated that they are reviewing video footage and will release it once a proper investigation has taken place. They called Alissa and FaZe liars, instigators, and manipulators who are only trying to use their social media power to ruin Barley House's business and reputation. Clearly, they are not backing down and are vehemently trying to deny Alissa and FaZe's claims.

The statement reads, "To Whom it May Concern;

We have done an internal investigation and have come to the conclusion that our employees did an exceptional job handling the situation that was instigated on three separate occasions throughout the night by Ricky Banks and Alissa Violet. We have also come to the conclusion that Ricky and Alissa are instigators, liars, and manipulators. They are trying to use their social media influence to not only destroy our business, but to encourage people to harm our employees physically and emotionally.

Shame on those of you that have just taken these two intoxicated people's words to the point of threatening innocent people's lives before we could even do our proper due diligence to assure no one on our team did anything wrong. If we or someone on our team did do something wrong, believe us, the situation would have been handled properly that way as well, but that was not the case. This is not only evident in the video footage and witness statements, but in some audio that was recorded in which you can hear Ricky and Alissa yelling "Do you know who we are?? We can ruin you!", over and over…"

They continued, "We have evidence and video footage that will support our statement. In the meantime, we ask that everyone show respect to our employees or anyone else until the proper legal steps allow us to reveal the entire footage. We will not be intimidated by those just looking for attention themselves via social media or those of you supporting such ridiculous accusations claimed by these two individuals before even doing your homework of what really happened.
We as owners, take full responsibility for what happens in our business, and we ask that if that any of you cowards that have been threatening our employees, especially our female employees and their families, that you direct your threats to the ones who are ultimately responsible, the ownership!

Unity is Strength,

Barley House Ownership."

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