The last few days haven’t been easy for Ally Brooke Hernandez. The singer while on tour with Fifth Harmony had not one but two very scary interactions with fans who got a little too close for comfort.

Since the frightening the moment on stage, Ally has stayed pretty quiet on the matter until now. Speaking with ET Online, the singer said “I am thankful that I or anyone else was not injured, as these incidents could have gone awry.”

“I love the fans and appreciate their excitement and love for us, however, these situations could easily escalate in the wrong direction for us and the fans. I am fine though. I love our fans and am excited to continue performing my heart out on our 7/27 Tour,” she continued to say.

Ally is absolutely right, those kind of situations are dangerous for both the artist and the fan. Luckily things didn’t take a sour turn and all seems to be resolved. We’re glad Ally isn’t letting this slow her down or affect any future performances she has with the rest of the 5H girls.

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