It was devastating when Neon Jungle broke up last summer, but fans of the X Factor girl group should be thrilled by this news. No, the band isn't getting back together, but there may be a wedding in the future!

Amira McCarthy recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with her girlfriend, stylist Ayishat Akanbi, and it's making us wonder if they're engaged. The singer shared a series of photos in honor of the occasion, and the ring emoji was featured heavily.

While this isn't explicit confirmation, there's a chance it could mean something, right? That's definitely one way to celebrate your anniversary!

Although Amira has never publicly called out her girlfriend by name, she hasn't been shy about talking about her on the internet.

It's obvious that they're madly in love, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're engaged. In the midst of these photos, Amira posted a selfie showing a bunch of rings on her finger. However, she's hiding the hand that would show if she's wearing an engagement band or not.

It's a mystery! Regardless of whether they're engaged, they deserve major congratulations for making it to their one-year. That's a long time!

Click through the gallery to see more photos of Amira and her girlfriend. Do you think they're engaged?

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