We were all pretty heartbroken when news hit the web that Andi Mack was coming to an end. That’s right. The show returns to finish out its third and final season on June 21, and we are so sad to see it go.

Well guys, you might want to grab your tissues because we just got a chance to talk to Asher Angel (who plays Jonah Beck in the show) exclusively, and he spilled all the tea on the upcoming season and the finale. And boy, is it going to be emotional.

J-14: Tell us about the upcoming season of Andi Mack! What can we expect?

Asher Angel: You can expect a lot more drama. Things get even crazier with these upcoming episodes. I don’t really wanna give too much away, so just stay tuned. It’s a really fun season. There’s a lot of new characters that you guys are gonna meet. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

J-14: How do you feel about the show coming to an end?

Asher: Of course, we’re all pretty sad about it, but we’ve had an incredible run. Three seasons… I’m just so thankful for Disney for giving me my first real opportunity in this industry. I’m just excited for what the future holds. I feel like we ended the show – with these upcoming episodes, I feel like we ended it perfectly. I’m really happy about the ending.

J-14: Any spoilers you can share about the ending?

Asher: I wish I could say. The only thing I could say is, ‘Get your tissues ready.’

Is Andi Mack Over?

J-14: Do you think you’ll keep in touch with any of your costars? What’s your relationship like with them off screen?

Asher: Definitely. They’re all my best friends. I’ve worked with these people for three years, being with them everyday, so I’m definitely going to keep in touch with them. They’re all like my best friends. We’re literally all best friends and we do everything together, when we’re not working we’re always together doing stuff. They’re the best, I love them. It’s been an incredible run.

J-14: What is your favorite behind-the-scenes story from set?

Asher: A lot of pranks. We all like to prank each other a lot. We usually have prank wars. So it’s like Josh against the girls… The biggest prankster on set is probably Trent Garrett who plays Bowie, he’s a prankster. I guess him and I kind of teamed up against everybody. And we’ve pulled multiple pranks. It’s just super fun. A lot of prank wars. It’s the best.

J-14: What was your all-time favorite scene from Andi Mack?

Asher: The first episode. Episode 1 of Andi Mack where they introduce all the characters, that was probably one of my favorites for sure.

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