After three epic seasons, Andi Mack aired its final episode on Friday, July 26. We are so sad to see the Disney Channel Original Series come to a conclusion, and it’s truly the end of an era. But hold up — before you get too emotional, we have some exciting news for you guys! The show’s creator just admitted that he’d love to make an Andi Mack movie, and um, we’re seriously freaking out.

“I would love to do an Andi Mack movie at some point,” Terri Minsky told Paste Magazine. “I want to get back with those characters, I want to get back with that cast, I want to be back in that world. But as my mother always said, ‘You should leave a party when you’re having fun.’ And we had so much fun.”

As fans know, the show starred Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Asher Angel, Sofia Wylie and more. It first premiered back in March 2017, and it quickly became all of our obsessions. The finale was definitely special, but there was one thing that made it especially amazing. And that was — the introduction of Disney Channel’s first gay couple!

Andi Mack Finale

In case you missed it, the series made headlines back in October 2017 after Joshua’s character, Cyrus Goodman, came out as gay in the show. And fans were delighted when Cyrus and his friend TJ (played by Luke Mullen) shared an intimate moment in the final episode. The pair held hands, indicating that they had started dating.

“Well, I think a lot of it is the fans reacting to seeing things on a Disney Channel show that they hadn’t seen before,” the creator said of fans’ excitement over Cyrus and TJ’s relationship. “On the one hand, I feel sad that this is the first time [Disney had a gay couple in their show]. I feel honored that we were the first time, but I also would like nothing more than to not ever again have something like this be such a big to-do. I just want characters to get to be who they are, to not have to explain, apologize, come out. But the fact is, now there’s this audience that’s paying attention, and you want to do right by them. I felt like they were there for us, and I wanted to give them something to thank them for being patient, for sticking around, for hoping, for paying such close attention.”

Both Joshua and Luke took to Twitter to share their excitement over the important moment.

“TYRUS. IS. ENDGAME.” Luke wrote, while his 17-year-old costar added, “Guys, gals, and nb pals, I can now tell you: Tyrus endgame canon and confirmed.”

“It really was a dream experience. Working in television, people are always like, that’s so cool! But it’s really not. It can be hard, there are compromises, you can feel like you’re not doing anything worthwhile, and this was the exact opposite,” Terri concluded. “None of it was anything that I could have foreseen, and I’m just so grateful. I’m grateful to the willingness of the cast and to Disney’s support and to fans being so expressive. I’ve never had a job like it before.”

We will certainly miss watching our favorite gang every Friday on Disney Channel, and we really hope they do reunite for a movie one day!

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