When it comes to relationships on Andi Mack, there really isn't anything that compares to the saga that is Andi and Jonah Beck. Well – that whole Bex and Bowie situation might come in a close second, but we digress. Following the announcement that the fan-favorite Disney Channel series is getting a Season 3, J-14 caught up with leading lady Peyton Elizabeth Lee. We chatted about all things Andi Mack – and she had a ton to spill about, from her character's love life to how she relates to Andi in real life. Turns out, she is just about as confused as the rest of us when it comes to Andi and Jonah's complex relationship.

Peyton exclusively told us, "With Jonah and Andi, it's always been so complicated because I think Andi loves the idea of Jonah, you know? But she doesn't really realize who he really is for a while. And I think now that she's sort of coming to terms with the boy that Jonah really is, she's still deciding what she thinks of him. So it'll be interesting to see what she kind of decisions Andi makes because I don't know what I would do."

It's safe to say those two are the definition of complicated. However, playing a character with so many twists and turns in her life has actually helped Peyton learn about herself in a way.

"I feel like I've learned a lot about myself because some of the things that Andi does – I'm like, why would you do that? And then – I'm like, I might do that."

So there you have it – even Peyton herself can't figure out all the Andi and Jonah drama!

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