Warning: Spoilers ahead!

As the release date for the new Harry Styles-inspired movie, After, gets closer and closer, the anticipation gets more and more intense. In case you missed it, the new flick is based off a One Direction fanfiction written by Anna Todd, which was turned into a five-book series after its wild success on Wattpad. It hits theaters on April 12, 2019, and we could not be more excited to see our favorite books come to life.

But as excited as we are, we have a ton of questions. Like, will the movie be exactly like the book? Will there be any major changes? What about new characters? Will all the characters make it into the film? And most importantly — Will Hardin be just as swoon-worthy on screen as he is on paper?

Well guys, the writer just spilled all the tea on the upcoming flick, and you might want to mentally prepare yourselves because she revealed that the movie is going to be pretty different from the book.

“There are some things where I knew, and I wanted and very much supported, and sometimes even drove the change from the book because it’s six years later and times are different. Everything is different [from what] it was,” she told International Business Times.

After Movie Poster

So what are some of the major changes, you ask? Well, some characters who were male in the book series are going to be female in the movie! Like Steph’s love interest, Tristan, and Professor Soto, for example.

“I really feel Tristan, I love his character, now her, and I feel like it makes so much sense,” Anna explained. “Also, we need to be more diverse in race, in sexuality, it just, it fits and it makes perfect sense for me.”

And while some characters have different genders in the movie, others got cut out entirely! Logan and Nate, who were inspired by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, unfortunately didn’t make it into film at all. Plus, Christian Vance, who runs Vance Publishing, is also not in the movie.

“[Some] fans are like, ‘Oh, we want Christian Vance,’ but it’s like, do you want seven minutes less of Hardin and Tessa? Nope, you don’t. So, you’ll wait for the next movie,” the author continued. “So, there were these things where at first I was like, ‘Oh, wow, we have to change all these things,’ but, actually, it ended up being really fun in a separate storytelling way.”

But don’t worry guys, although there are certainly a ton of changes, Anna said she did stay as true to the book series as possible — with the help of Josephine Langford!

“There were some times where it would be [a change] that just doesn’t make sense,” she added. “And Josephine was really good at being like the Tessa police or the After police, where she’s like, ‘No, that wouldn’t happen.’”

The movie also stars Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, and we know it’s going to be epic.

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