Get ready to bring on all the feels, you guys, because Anne Hathaway just channeled her iconic Princess Diaries character, Mia Thermopolis, for a new photo, and it seriously gave us a major wave of nostalgia!

Yep, taking part in the viral “Pillow Challenge” which has taken the internet by storm lately, the 37-year-old shared a snap of herself wrapped in pillows designed to look like a dress.

“‘A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early,'” she captioned the hilarious shot, which as fans know, is a direct quote from the Disney flick.

She even completed the outfit with a pair of sunglasses and headphones, which as fans know, were worn by her character in the poster for the movie! Wow, she seriously nailed the look!

Princess Diaries Poster

For those who forgot, the film, which premiered back in July 2001, was all about a nerdy high school student, who was in for a major shock when she discovered that she was secretly a princess. Besides Anne, it also starred Julie AndrewsHeather MatarazzoMandy MooreRobert SchwartzmanErik von DettenPatrick John Flueger and more!

Anne’s epic recreation comes just weeks after her coster Heather took to Instagram to defend her character, Lilly Moscovitz. When an Instagram meme account posted a photo of the 37-year-old’s outspoken character, alongside a caption that read, “Remember when Lilly was b***hing out Mia for her hair and all [you] wanted to do was punch her in the face,” she was not here for it. Naturally, Heather immediately took to the comments section and stood up for Lilly’s actions.

“Listen, she knew she needed an attitude adjustment and she was willing to call herself out as a teen, which is more than most adults I know. But yes, some of her thoughts and words were just,” she wrote alongside a series of emojis.

Heather Matarazzo Defends Character Lilly's 'Attitude' In 'The Princess Diaries'

It’s safe to say that this movie will forever hold a place in our hearts.

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